Plastic Bottle Suppliers

Plastic Bottle SuppliersFinding the right plastic bottle suppliers is a challenge faced by companies working across an incredibly broad range of industries. There are several boxes with any plastic bottle suppliers need to tick, dealing with the range of bottles on offer, the size, type and availability of those bottles and the flexibility of the supplier involved.

In simple terms, it comes down to a matter of trust. If you’re involved in an area such as the beauty industry, the pharmaceutical sector or food and drink supply, then you need to be completely secure in the knowledge that any plastic bottles you utilise will keep the contents safe. Every part of the chain of supply needs to be able to take this fact for granted, from the supplier initially filling the bottles, through the shipping contractors and other handlers, to the retailers putting them on their shelves and finally the consumer. Throughout this journey, the plastic bottles you use need to be relied upon to retain their integrity 100%.

Here at Patrico we realise the vital role which plastic bottle suppliers play in many industries, and that’s why we always make sure that our products meet the basic standards outlined above. We then go on to guarantee a supply which is varied and flexible enough to meet any and all of our clients requirements.

At the most basic level, this begins with the size of the plastic bottles being offered. Our range runs from plastic bottles which contain only 30ml up to those which can hold 1.1litres. Between these two extremes, we offer a range of sizes including 50, 60, 100 and 150ml, allowing clients to tailor their order to exactly meet the needs of each individual product which needs to be shipped. The plastic bottles in question are constructed from either high-density or low-density polyethene. As with all aspects of our plastic bottles, the choice lies in the hands of the client. In some cases a stronger, high-density bottle may be required, whilst other clients might ask for a lighter, more flexible solution.

As leading plastic bottle suppliers, we work to create a range which is varied enough to quickly meet the needs of our clients, and this doesn’t end with the size and construction of the plastic bottle in question. We also supply plastic bottles in a range of shapes, allowing us to meet orders which fit the logistical requirements of every client. Although the majority of bottles come in either natural or white pigmentation, we can also supply other colours, or even create bottles which are custom printed to a design supplied by the client. By offering this service we combine the practical benefits of well-made and robust plastic bottles with the flexibility of a solution which can be modified to suit each client’s branding requirements.

Finally, we offer a range of caps, closures and spray heads for the bulk of our plastic bottles. No matter what you need for the product which you wish to ship, we can virtually guarantee that we’ll have it in stock or will be able to supply it. If you can’t find your precise requirements on our website, contact us on 01684 299 212. A member of our team will run through what we have available, establish exactly what you require and work to get it to you as quickly as possible.