Steel Drum Stockist

Steel Drum StockistPatrico are one of the UK’s leading steel drum stockist. Although modern manufacturing methods and materials have created a huge range of shipping and container options, there are some circumstances in which nothing but a steel drum is appropriate. This is particularly the case if you need to ship something hazardous in nature, but, as steel drum stockist, we also supply containers to businesses working in the oil, food and perfume sectors.

What all of these sectors have in common is the fact that the clients in question need to be able to rely on the total security and integrity of the containers which they are using. As steel drum stockist we realise that this is the case, and supply products of the highest possible quality. Any flaw in the steel drums which we supply could lead to a leak which is highly dangerous to the wider environment or to people dealing with the products, or to the product inside the steel drum becoming tainted. Neither of these is acceptable, to Patrico or the clients we serve, and that’s why we aim to be steel drum stockist to only the highest standards.

Our steel drums range in capacity from 1 litre to 210litres, and the tight head steel drums we stock can be supplied with both ¾ ” and 2” internal bungs. We also stock a range of open-top drums which start at 10litres and go all the way up to 210litres. The bulk of open-top drums we stock are UN certified for both solids and liquids and have a removable head secured with a steel lever ring closure. In line with the vast majority of the items we supply, our steel drums can be supplied with either a plain or lacquered internal finish and various colour options on external finishes, meaning that clients can select products which work with their branding requirements at the same time as offering complete security, safety and peace of mind.

Although we feel that our quality as steel drum stockist speaks for itself, we are rightly proud of the fact that some of our products were selected by both TV and film studios, a testament to the excellence of the steel drums we supply and the range of products we’re able to offer.   

We offer a fully comprehensive selection of drums that there’s every chance you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for on our website. If you can’t, or have further questions, please contact us on 01684 299 212. A member of our team with expertise in the matter will discuss exactly what you need and the range of steel drums we’re able to offer, before arranging to meet your requirements as quickly as possible.