The Bulk Glass Jars Your Business Needs

Bulk Glass Jars

Bulk Glass Jars

Sourcing the right bulk glass jars is a challenge faced by businesses working in a huge range of industries. It’s particularly vital if you’re a smaller company selling foodstuffs such as preserves, jams and chutneys. There are certain things which you need to be able to rely on when choosing a supplier of your bulk glass jars, and Patrico is proud to claim that we tick all of the boxes.

The first key aspect is the sheer quality of the bulk glass jars which we supply. In terms of the material used and the processes, we guarantee the highest standards each and every time. Whether you need clear glass or amber glass to protect the contents of your bulk glass jars, we’ll provide them to the highest standard; that means they are strong enough to protect your goods and preserve them in the best possible state no matter how they have to be transported. It also means they look good enough to show your products off in the best possible light. We understand the lengths our customers go to when it comes to creating delicious items to drive their business forward, and we want to play our part in presenting those delicious goods in the cleanest, clearest and most appealing manner possible.   

The second aspect which makes us the ideal port of call for your bulk glass jars is the sheer range of products we stock.  Whilst we appreciate that the vast majority of small to medium sized food companies will be looking for the traditional round glass jar which holds 345ml or 1lb of produce, we also realise the need for versatility. That’s why we supply bulk glass jars in sizes ranging from 30ml all the way up to a litre, meaning that whatever the nature of the products you wish to store or ship, we’ll have the bulk glass jars that are perfect for the job. As well as the range of jars themselves we offer a variety of plastic and metal lids. Combine this with a varied range of shapes as well as sizes, and you have a choice of bulk glass jars which is bound to offer something which perfectly meets your needs.

The fact that we keep more than 1,000 different stock lines ready and waiting in our warehouse means that we’re almost bound to have your order on our shelves and ready to be shipped. If we don’t, then we’ll do everything we can to source what you need and get it to you as speedily as possible. That’s the third component of the service we provide – convenience. We realise that demand can ebb and flow within any business and so we make a point of keeping everything as simple as possible, meaning we’ll be able to meet your needs as and when they arise.

If you can’t find exactly the bulk glass jars you’re looking for on our website then please give us a call on 01684 299 212 and we’ll find out what your requirements are, and talk you through how we can set about meeting them.