Our Bulk Plastic Buckets are Practical and Versatile

Bulk Plastic Buckets

Bulk Plastic Buckets

The bulk plastic buckets supplied by Patrico can be put to a huge variety of uses, and are available in a range of sizes wide enough to make them suitable for businesses of all types. Whether you’re dealing with industrial substances or foodstuff, you need the reassurance of knowing that you have containers which are up to the task. The bulk plastic buckets which we provide offer this and much more.

The first selling point of our bulk plastic buckets is the range of sizes they come in. From 500ml, through 5, 10 and 20 litre buckets all the way up to 60 litre containers, we provide buckets which are ideally suited to a range of tasks. The fact that every one of our bulk plastic buckets is made from food approved plastic means they can be used in restaurants or cafes for the safe storage of foodstuffs of all kinds. Added security and hygiene is guaranteed by the fact that all of the buckets come with air tight snap on lids, ensuring the integrity of the contents stored inside. We understand that some of our clients may well wish to use their bulk plastic buckets in order to store substances of a toxic, corrosive or otherwise dangerous nature. That’s why we stock buckets which, as well as having air tight seals, are equipped with a tamper evident feature. Use these buckets and you can relax in the knowledge that your vital stock is being maintained in the best possible condition and will only be accessed by approved individuals.

We also realise that our bulk plastic buckets have a range of uses which extend far beyond the food industries. Many industrial tasks require the storage and transportation of the kind of substances which need to be stored safely and securely. You may, for example, run a decorating business and therefore need to look after and transport paint, wallpaper paste, grout, primer, sealant and other vital tools of the trade. The fact that many of our buckets – those with a capacity between 1.2 and 30 litres – come with their own wire or plastic handles makes them easier to transport from place to place as the need arises.

Although most of our bulk plastic buckets are constructed from white plastic, we realise that certain clients might want to order buckets which are designed to fit in with their wider branding, or offer information through additional colour coding. To that end, it’s possible to order bulk plastic buckets in a range of different colours, enabling clients to make an order which matches their wider aesthetic at the same time as serving a vital practical purpose. We take this aspect of our service one stage further by allowing clients to attach their own IML labels to buckets or, for most sizes of buckets, having an image of their own design directly printed onto the side of the bucket.

By bringing all of these aspects together we provide a range of bulk plastic buckets which are versatile, reliable and high quality. The items we stock combine value with convenience, and the fact that we stock over 1,000 different lines in our warehouse means that we’re highly likely to have exactly the items you need ready and waiting to be shipped. In the event that we don’t, we promise to source them as quickly as possible. If you can’t find the specific bulk plastic buckets you need on our website then please contact a member of our team on 01684 299 212. We’ll analyse your requirements and set about providing the solutions you’re seeking.