We Supply PET Bottles to Meet all Your Needs

Bottle Suppliers - Patrico LtdHere at Patrico we understand what our customers want from their bottle suppliers and we go out of our way to ensure that we supply it. Many of the customers we deal with work in the food and drink industry, and that means that they rely, to a massive degree upon being able to purchase containers which can be trusted. They need to know that when they store a beverage in a bottle, for example, that beverage will stay fresh for as long as it should, and will reach their customers in absolutely perfect condition.

The PET bottles we stock are designed and manufactured to do exactly that. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a substance which not only keeps the contents fresh but can also be recycled after it has finished being used. Another key advantage of PET bottles is the sheer range of sizes and shapes which we can supply them in. As bottle suppliers, we understand that our customers have a wide variety of bottle requirements, and so we work to establish a range of items broad enough to meet all of these requirements.

We know, for example, that many cafes use our PET bottles to supply fresh drinks which they make on a daily basis by blending fruit to deliver a healthy beverage. Many consumers enjoy drinks such as these for both their delicious taste and their undoubted health and detox qualities, and so it’s important that the PET bottles they come in keep them tasting as fresh and delicious as the moment they are made.

The PET bottles we supply are also robust enough to deal with carbonated drinks and mineral water and come in a range of shapes which aid with simple storage and transportation. Between 250ml and 2 litres, our PET bottles have 28 mm necks which are fully tamper evident, an important feature for retailers who want to be able to guarantee the integrity of their products. The fact that we are bottle suppliers offering a range of different coloured screw caps means that you can place an order which fits in with your wider branding.

For cold pressed juice and smoothie drinks, we supply the industry standard PET bottle with a wider 38mm screw neck. The extra width is important when dealing with the thicker texture of a freshly made smoothie, and the screw neck means that both retailers and consumers will be able to seal their drinks as and when they wish.  In both of these sizes, we also supply a sports style pull cap which is extremely useful for those who want to enjoy their drink while they’re on the move.

If you’re dealing with larger volumes of beverage then rest assured we can still help. We supply larger rectangular and square bottles which hold 3 or 5 litres and have 48mm screw caps. The toughness of the construction and the use of square and rectangular design make these bottles ideal for storing large quantities of liquids conveniently and safely. 

We stock many thousands of items at any time, so it’s highly likely that the PET bottle you need is ready and waiting in our warehouse. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our website, please call us on 01684 299 212 and a member of our team will do their best to supply exactly what you need.