A Patrico Plastic Jerrican Will help to Keep You and Your Business Safe

Here at Patrico we stock a huge and varied range of containers. In many cases, these are bottles or jars intended for the storage and transportation of food and drink, and as such they have to keep the contents fresh and well preserved.

A UN approved plastic jerrican, on the other hand, has to offer another kind of protection. A plastic jerrican of this kind can be used to transport chemicals and other hazardous materials and, as such, it has to offer complete security. In simple terms, a plastic jerrican has to be robust enough to guarantee that the dangerous and often toxic substances inside will stay inside no matter how far they have to be transported.

It’s not merely a question of practical safety, either. A UN approved plastic jerrican is one which has been certified to carry substances safely and will therefore allow the Patrico customer using it to get on with running their business and shipping their items. There are various regulatory bodies which deal with certifying the transportation of dangerous goods by road, sea and air. Using the right plastic jerrican is imperative if you’re going to be given permission to shift the items which you need to shift.

We stock plastic jerricans in range of sizes from 1 and 2.5 litres to 5 litres. They have moulded handles for ease of lifting and come with a range of tamper evident screw necks which maintain complete security. The fact that the lids can be supplied in a wide range of colours means that you can make a choice which matches your branding or allows you to easily differentiate between various substances.

Whilst we have white plastic jerricans waiting in stock, customers can also order products in a wide range of colours. More flexibility is offered by the fact that we can also provide vented or childproof caps if needed. In simple terms, our plastic jerricans come in a range of shapes, sizes, types and colours broad enough to meet the needs of all our customers.   

For extra security, our 1 litre,2.5 litre and 5 litre plastic jerricans can also be used in conjunction with our fibreboard cartons. These cartons come in a range of sizes and are available as either 4G cartons or 4GV cartons. When used with our plastic jerricans they offer the ultimate in security and safe shipping, a standard of protection which is reflected in the fact that a plastic jerrican plus fibreboard carton is a combination pack which has achieves UN approval.

We realise that stocking, storing or shipping dangerous substances is an extremely serious business. Even the simplest mistake could lead to your business suffering, at best, and actual physical injury at worst. That’s why we stock plastic jerricans which are more than up to the task of keeping your goods safe, and also why we combine then with fibreboard cartons for ultimate security. If you can’t see the storage solutions you need on our website then please give us a call on 01684 299 212 . A member of our team will be only too happy to run through your requirements and detail the solutions we offer.  

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