Patrico PET plastic bottles will help to cool you down

PET plastic bottles are those made from polyethylene terephthalate, and they represent the ideal solution if you’re trying to cool down during the hot weather. Many of our customers are businesses which serve members of the public with food and beverages and PET plastic bottles are in high demand for a wide variety of reasons.

The first and most obvious selling point of PET plastic bottles is that they get the job done. They keep the drinks inside them fresh and in the very best condition, and the flexibility of the material used means that PET plastic bottles can be produced in a virtually limitless range of shapes and sizes.

The advantages of PET plastic bottles can be summed up as follows:

They are lightweight, which means they are cheaper to transport in bulk and easier to use individually.

The fact that they do not break or shatter like glass bottles makes PET plastic bottles safe for even young children to use while out and about.

The fact that PET plastic bottles can be re-sealed means they can be reused many times, a plus point in terms of both customer convenience and environmental impact.

Another environmental plus point of PET plastic bottles is the fact that they can be recycled.

All of these advantages help to explain why so many of our customers demand access to a steady and varied supply of PET plastic bottles. If your customers want to purchase a smoothie on the go, for example, then a PET plastic bottle is the perfect container in which to supply it. Easy to carry, available in a range of sizes and able to keep the smoothie as fresh and tasty as the moment it was blended, a PET plastic bottle is the ideal solution.

It’s not just about smoothies, of course. PET plastic bottles are strong enough to contain sparkling mineral water and other carbonated drinks, keeping them fresh through transportation from manufacturer to retailer and, thanks to tamper evident necks, guaranteeing sparkling quality.

Here at Patrico we supply PET plastic bottles ranging from 250ml to 2 litres, all of which have 28mm necks. If you’re supplying smoothies, then you’ll be interested in our PET plastic bottles with a wider 38mm screw neck. This is the industry standard for smoothies and allows maximum convenience when enjoying the thicker texture of a blended beverage. All of our PET plastic bottles come with screw caps which can be colour coded to comply with the rest of your branding, while we also offer sports style pull caps which are often preferred by customers drinking while on the move.

If you’re handling trade rather than retail quantities of beverage then rest assured there is still a PET plastic bottle in the Patrico range which is perfect for your needs. Our square or rectangular bottles can hold 3 or 5 litres of liquid and have 43mm screw caps. They offer all of the benefits of PET plastic bottles listed above, as well as the advantages of economy of scale and easy storage.  

Take a look at our website and the chances are that you’ll find exactly the PET plastic bottles that your business needs. If not, please contact us on 01684 299 212 and a member of our team will explain exactly how we can help your business.

PET plastic bottles