Plastic Dairy Bottles

Plastic Dairy Bottles We understand that our clients come to us because they require top quality products, a reliable supply and the best value prices. This is particularly the case when it comes to our plastic dairy bottles. If your business depends upon selling beverages to the public then you have to be certain that the containers you use can guarantee freshness and product integrity.

Plastic dairy bottles can be used to hold dairy products or milk juices, and in both of these cases the importance of an air tight seal and construction which is substantial but light is hard to overstate. This is particularly the case when dealing with dairy products, which tend to spoil more quickly if not kept in the optimum conditions.

If you’re running a business supplying dairy products and the plastic dairy bottles you use let you down then it could, quite literally, be a disaster for your business.  In the first instance, spoiled goods will ruin your reputation and put people off ever shopping with you again. On top of this they might even make some of your customers unwell, leading to the risk of an even bigger problem such as being sued for negligence.

The good news is that our plastic dairy bottles are constructed from High-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is renowned for its strength, versatility and lightness. An idea of its usefulness and versatility can be gained from the fact that it used to construct, amongst other things, water tanks, folding chairs, fuel tanks for vehicles and even boats.

The plastic dairy bottles which we supply come in a range of sizes. They are available in 1 litre, 2 pint or 4 pint models, and all have 38mm necks and built in handles. The fact that they are rectangular allows for easy storage and space saving stacking, and the clear nature of the HDPE means that consumers can see the beverage which they’re thinking of buying.

The caps on the plastic dairy bottles come in a range of different colours, and so can be chosen to work in conjunction with a client’s wider branding. Once sealed, the bottles stay sealed until someone chooses to open them. The size of our warehouse means that we can keep thousands of items in stock, so if you take a look on our website there’s a very good chance that we’ll have the items you need ready and waiting to be shipped. If you can’t find exactly what you need on the site then please contact us and we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.

In many ways a plastic dairy bottle is a fairly simple item, but what’s not so simple is finding a partner to supply them who you can rely upon. Patrico can guarantee the quality of every plastic dairy bottle we supply, and that means that our clients can guarantee the quality of their own products, and that’s the kind of peace of mind it’s hard to put a price on.