UN Jars Certified for Solids and Liquids.

UN JarsMany of our clients deal with substances or products which, for a variety of reasons, need to be shipped and stored in extremely safe conditions. In some cases this is simply because, if not kept airtight, they may spoil before they reach the end customer. Other materials, however, might be toxic in nature, in which case the right kind of packaging is even more important. In both cases, our UN jars offer the perfect solution.

UN jars are those made out of UN approved plastic. This means plastic which is constructed to certain set and tested standards. In the case of UN jars, for example, the plastic used must be robust and highly resistant to the contents evaporating. The UN jars we supply are manufactured to the highest standards, and can be used to store and transport substances such as powders, gels, pastes, greases, lotions, food stuffs, granules, tablets, pills.

As can be seen from that list, our UN jars have an extremely wide range of uses. Whether you work in the pharmaceutical industry or supply food and drink, a UN jar offers the perfect container within which to contain your goods. The toughness of the plastic used means that they are highly resistant to being damaged during transit, and some of the UN jars are supplied with tamper evident lids and a tear off tab. This is particularly useful if they are to be used to ship dangerous items such as potentially toxic medication, in which case the security of the contents, and of people who come into contact with them, is of paramount importance.

The practicality of our UN jars is matched by their versatility. They come in a wide range of sizes, running from 125ml up to 1.75 litres. All of the jars are supplied with screw down lids and are approved for the storage and transportation of foodstuff.

We understand that, as far as our clients are concerned, the only thing as important as the quality of the items we supply is our ability to meet the orders they need. Items such as those supplied in UN jars are often supplied in bulk, perhaps requiring hundreds if not thousands of units at a time. The size of our warehouse means that we have many thousands of items in stock, ready and waiting for when they’re ordered. If you take a look at our website you’ll be able to see the quality and range of the UN jars we supply, but if you can’t find exactly what you need, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us via email. Our team will do everything they can to meet the demands of your order and therefore help you to keep your business on track.

We realise how important the right UN jars can be to our clients, in terms of shipping their goods safely and preserving their good names. If you deal with Patrico, you’re dealing with a company you can trust, and we’ll only ever supply UN jars and other containers that your own client in turn can trust.