We’ve got the Plastic Drink Bottles You Need

The clients who come to Patrico do so for several reasons. The first and probably most important of these is that the products we provide are all manufactured to the highest possible standards. This applies to our plastic drink bottles as much as it does to anything else. Our plastic drink bottles are designed and manufactured with one thing above all else in mind – keeping the contents fresh.

If you sell beverages of any kind then the ability to ship them to various outlets without compromising the integrity of the liquids themselves is of paramount importance. Whether you’re dealing with dairy drinks, fresh fruit juice, smoothies or water, you want to know that your plastic drink bottles will keep them in the best possible condition.

This begins with the construction of the plastic drink bottles themselves. Our plastic drink bottles are manufactured from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic which is tough enough to withstand being transported in bulk, but light enough to be convenient for the end user. PET plastic is clear, which is highly advantageous when marketing and selling drinks on the basis of their taste and appearance They come in a range of different sizes, ranging from 250ml up to 5 litres, meaning they can be used for individual drinks or for transporting and storing larger amounts for uses such as catering.

Another plus point of our plastic drink bottles is that they come in a range of different shapes and designs, which makes them not only distinctive in terms of appearance but also flexible when it comes to storage.

Also, key to the promise of freshness which we give is the way in which our plastic bottles are sealed. The caps we put on our plastic drink bottles keep the contents fresh and can be ordered in a variety of different sizes and types. They are also available in a range of different colours, which makes them suitable for coordinating with the wider brand of a drink, as well as being a means of differentiating between different drinks.

The quality of our plastic drink bottles is something we’re pleased and proud to guarantee, but it would count for very little if we weren’t able to supply the products our clients need, when they need them. In the world of food and drink it can often be vital to keep goods moving in order to maintain freshness, and that’s why our clients are always grateful for our ability to meet the orders they make.

Our warehouse is packed with more than 1000 different lines of stock, meaning that we’re likely to have whatever plastic drink bottles you need ready and waiting to be shipped. Our supply chain and wider industry knowledge is such that, if what you need isn’t currently in stock, we’ll be able to source it for you quickly and easily. All of this is done with an emphasis on value as well as quality – we cut costs without cutting corners and provide our clients with the best plastic drink bottles at the keenest possible prices. If you need plastic drink bottles which you can rely on in every sense, from the quality of the bottles to the line of supply, then you really don’t need to look any further than Patrico.

Plastic Drink Bottles