Patrico Can Supply the Jerrican You Need

Here at Patrico we like to keep things simple. Our clients know that if they want a jerrican, for example, they can easily check our website and make an order. Because we specialise in the industry and have spent years building up our supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, we’ll either have exactly the jerrican they need in stock, in bulk numbers, or will be able to get hold of it for them.

We’ll fill the jerrican order for the kind of price you’ll struggle to match anywhere else in the market, and we’ll deliver to the date specified, allowing the client to plan ahead and make commitments safe in the knowledge that we’ll play our part in helping them to successfully deliver.  When we describe this kind of excellence as keeping things simple we’re not pretending it’s easy to do. It takes a long time to get this good and a lot of effort to stay there, but the end result is that we make things extremely easy for our clients.

The versatility of the type of jerrican we stock is a case in point. Ranging in size from 1litre to 25 litres, our jerricans all come with moulded handles and, if they’re going to be used to store dangerous or sensitive substances, can be purchased with tamper evident screw necks. Other options include child proof or vented screw caps, and the fact that ever jerrican is manufactured from food approved HDPE (High-density polyethylene) means that they are tough, stable and versatile enough to be used in the broadest possible range of industries. A high resistance to chemical corrosion makes our jerrican suitable for the storage and transport of dangerous substances, as well as food and drink items.

Whether you wish to store detergents, fuel, cooking oil or solvent, we’ll have a jerrican which is perfect for your requirements. Businesses from catering through engineering to farming and beyond make daily use of the kind of jerrican we supply, reassured by the knowledge that it will help to keep vital stock and/or supplies in the best possible condition right up until the moment it has to be used. The fact that we supply jerricans in a range of colours – from natural and white all the way to blue and other colours which can be ordered individually depending upon the size of the order  – offers a two-fold advantage. In the first instance, colour coding of a jerrican will help in the storing of potentially dangerous substances, making it easier to control usage and prevent cross-contamination. The second advantage of the variety of colours is that it is possible to order a jerrican which complies with your wider corporate branding, allying practicality to a broader marketing effort.

If you have a specific jerrican requirement then please take a look at our website. There’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for and place an order immediately, with every jerrican you need ready and waiting to be dispatched immediately. If you can’t find the precise jerricans you need then contact us on 01684 299 212. A member of our team will be waiting to do everything they can to help you source the jerrican requirements your business has.