Looking for a Plastic Wide Neck Drum?

Plastic Wide Neck Drum

When you purchase a plastic wide neck drum from Patrico you’re purchasing a top quality product at a reasonable price, but you’re purchasing much more besides. You’re purchasing the peace of mind which comes from knowing that an item on our website is ready and waiting in our warehouse. If it’s not, then our supply chain logistics, built up over years in the business, mean we can guarantee we’ll get the plastic wide neck drum you need to the location where it’s needed on the day when it has to be there.

The drums in question are manufactured from food grade materials and are especially suitable for storing and transporting tablets powders and granules. As such, they’re ideal for use in the pharmaceutical or catering industries. They are designed with straight sides which make it easier to remove the contents, as well as screw on lids which offer security and make it simple to stack the plastic wide neck drums on top of each other. The stable stacking characteristics of the drums offer an extra layer of security when storing or transporting items in bulk, making Patrico the supplier of choice for anyone who wants to be certain that their items will arrive in perfect condition.

Our plastic wide neck drums come in a range of sizes, from 3.6 litres up to 64 litres. We can also supply in different colours, from standard white with a red screw down lid to all black or brown with a beige screw down lid. The variety of colours is useful as a quick visual guide to the contents of individual groups of containers, and it also allows businesses to purchase containers which tie in with the colour scheme of their wider branding.

All of the drums we stock are UN approved to group 1 for solids. This means that you can rely on them to keep your items safe, fresh and free from harm, as well as protecting those individuals who come into contact with the exterior of the drums.

If you take a look at our website there’s a very good chance you’ll find exactly the drums you’re looking for. If not, get in touch with us and we’ll use our existing supply chains to source what you need and get it to you. We pride ourselves on combining excellent products with superior customer service, and that’s why clients return to us time after time.