UN Industrial Plastic Buckets That Get the Job Done

UN industrial plastic buckets Are you transporting large quantities of solids or liquids? Are you looking for containers that ensure the safety of your product? Our UN industrial plastic buckets are exactly the kind of containers that you’re looking for.

Heavy-duty plastic buckets of this kind need to offer security above all else. You need to know that once you’ve filled them up and fastened the lid, the contents are completely safe, and so are the people charged with moving the drums. Our customers often need to shift large quantities of dangerous, corrosive or valuable solids or liquids across thousands of miles over land, sea and air. In circumstances such as these, the containers used are as important as any other factor. Cut corners here, and you could be jeopardising not only your business, your stock and the people who work for you but also those responsible for the logistics of shifting your items.

The good news is that when you come to Patrico for your UN industrial plastic buckets you can save money without reducing the quality of the items you purchase. Our supply chain logistics and experience in the industry allows us to offer the best products at reasonable prices. It also means we can guarantee we’ll get the order you make to you on time, delivered to wherever you need it. It’s highly likely that the items you require are ready and waiting to be dispatched from our Gloucestershire warehouse, but even if they aren’t we can source and supply them with ease.      

Our UN industrial plastic buckets come in a range of sizes running from a relatively modest 3 litres to an impressive 30 litres. They all offer the peace of mind which comes from knowing they’re manufactured to UN-certified standards and can be supplied in either white or black. Press on matching lids complete the package and some of the smaller buckets can be supplied with a plastic handle fitted. For ease of use, certain sizes can also be ordered with lids which are fitted with spouts for pouring out the contents, and the variety is such that you’re bound to find the bucket which exactly meets your requirements.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website then call us and a member of our team will explain what else we have to offer. Customers need to know that the items they require are going to reach them in perfect condition having been transported safely, whether you’re working in the industrial, agricultural, or pharmaceutical industries, or indeed any business which relies on the safe transportation of product – we can guarantee this.