So who will carry the can?

Why would you risk your products in inferior tinplate containers?

Tinplate Containers

After all the hard work, effort and expense you put into developing and manufacturing your products it is sheer folly to jeopardise their journey to market by packing them in, shall we say, tinplate containers of questionable quality.  If the containers fail then the consequences can be catastrophic and not merely because of the huge compensation bill you could be faced with. Tinplate containers disasters could also have such a devastating effect on the reputation of your brand that it may take years, if not forever to overcome it.

The containers that you put your products, your trust and your company’s good name in are absolutely crucial to your future.  There really is only one sensible solution and that is to avoid any risk and specify the best … which means Patrico.

Our renowned range of high-quality tinplate containers covers virtually every requirement in terms of shapes, sizes, capacities, configurations and content suitability.

Our catalogue includes Cone Top Tins, Lever Lid Tins, Oblong Lugs and Ear Tins, Oblong Tins and Tapered Pails.

Each one of these collections spans a wide catalogue of sizes and capacities with products ranging from 125ml Round Cone Top and Lever Lid Tins that are suitable for a huge variety of products; up to large multi-functional 30lt full aperture pails.

Every product within our comprehensive portfolio is engineered from top-quality tinplate steel using the most advanced manufacturing techniques for guaranteed security, ultra reliability, maximum customer confidence, impressive market presence and most of all for your own reassurance and peace of mind.

Standard features include the option of plastic and metal screw tops incorporating security seals where it is deemed necessary.  Other features, depending on the product, include carrying handles, and push-fit pouring spouts, plus for the pails, secure ring latch lid fastening.  Many of our tinplate containers are also UN Certified for the safe containment of hazardous products.

Patrico tinplate containers are available in a range of external colours with the option of a plain or lacquered internal finish.

For further information on any product from our tinplate containers range or to discuss how we can resolve your own requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212 or you can email us at:  Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.