Our steel drums are in big demand for BBQs

One aspect about the beautiful weather that we’re now all enjoying at the moment is that people tend to spend more and more time in their gardens, which in many cases also means it’s time to fire up the ‘barbie’.  Whilst most of us are content to buy a ready-made and fully assembled barbecue unit, it appears that for many people the only way is to go back to basics and construct their own. Which is why demand for our steel drums always seems to shoot up when the sun is shining.

At first, we were at a loss to understand this strange phenomenon that coincided with good weather, but the more we spoke to customers the more we realised that Patrico steel drums are now seen as the perfect component when you want to make your own BBQ barrel or your own BBQ smoker.  As a matter of fact, both these DIY projects are becoming so popular that there are now websites devoted to explaining the process and providing fully detailed build instructions.

We should have realised of course just why Patrico steel drums are proving to be so popular amongst barbecue builders because our selection of steel drums comes in an extremely wide range of sizes.  In particular, our 115 litre and 210 litre steel drums are perfectly sized and are absolutely ideal for the project.

The first basic instruction for anyone about to construct their own barrel barbecue or smoker is of course to source the steel drums.  For many people, this means they will probably pick up a second hand, well-used drum that may have previously contained … well, who knows what?  In turn, it means that the first priority is that the drum has to be ‘fired’ in order to burn off any rust or contaminants that may be lingering on the inside skin of the drum.  As you can imagine, not everyone is comfortable with that prospect and an increasing number of DIY barbecue enthusiasts are turning to Patrico to purchase brand new, guaranteed factory clean steel drums.

We’re reliably informed that our pristine steel drums are absolutely perfect for the task and with a bit of ingenuity, plus instructions from the Internet, there is no doubt that they can be quickly converted into an excellent, robust and attractive BBQ barrel or a BBQ smoker.

So while the Patrico range of UN Certified Tighthead steel and tinplate drums – ranging in capacity from 1 litre up to 210 litres and with a range of different closures also available – are primarily intended for a vast variety of industrial uses … when the sun shines and the temperature climbs, then demand from Barbie builders also rises.

For more information on our steel drums take a look at our Steel page, or you can call us on: 01684 299 212.  You can also email us at: sales@patrico.co.uk.  Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Steel Drums BBQ

Brand new and pristine Patrico steel drums are ideal for converting into a BBQ barrel or BBQ smoker.