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Our lacquered lined steel drums provide essential protection for precious fragrances and flavourings

Lined Steel Drums

One of the age-old problems that are of constant concern to the food industry (and cleaning product industry too for that matter) has been how to protect the integrity of their essential flavourings, fragrances and fusions. By protection we mean the importance of avoiding any risk of contamination or degradation, but also at the same time, it is vital that the scents, infusions and flavourings are not allowed to escape and weaken during what may be prolonged periods of storage and transportation. For what is a crucial consideration it is little wonder that more and more flavourings and fragrance manufacturers are putting their trust in Patrico lacquered lined steel drums.

At Patrico we have long been recognised as the UK’s leading specialist supplier of food approved lacquered lined steel drums. All of these are readily available, usually from stock, in a wide choice of styles and sizes ranging from compact 5 litre UN Tighthead internally lacquered drums with wire handle and steel bung fasteners; up to huge 210 litre UN Tighthead ribbed, high-strength steel drums accessorised with two sturdy steel bungs in the head.

Typical of the ingredients and essential oils that are stored in Patrico lined steel drums are: peppermint, spearmint, orange and lemon oils. That list represents just a very small selection of valuable contents that are securely protected for use within the food-manufacturing sector.

Equally important and just as demanding, however, is the household cleaning market together with a growing domestic fragrance industry. Both these sectors rely heavily on the quality of their many fragrance ingredients (very often procured and transported in a concentrated form). Guaranteed security for these products, together with assured protection against the risk of environmental pollution is absolutely essential.

The quality-controlled manufacture of Patrico lacquered lined steel drums has become a benchmark of assurance for what is a growing catalogue of customers.

Fluorinated Plastics
Scientific protection for vulnerable contents

Lined Steel Drums

In addition to our lacquered lined steel drums we also supply an increasingly important range of fluorinated plastic containers. This ultra-technical treatment of a wide range of plastics produces a scientific impermeable fluorination barrier that ensures flavourings, fragrances and even strong solvents and aggressive chemicals can be stored in guaranteed safety. This fluorination protection is now available in a wide choice of our plastic containers, including: bottles, jars, buckets and drums.

If your business involves the storage and transportation of valuable fragrances and flavourings then please speak to us to find out how our specialist knowledge, together with our range of lined steel drums and fluorinated plastic containers could provide the solution you’re seeking. You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: sales@patrico.co.uk. Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.