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Patrico PET plastic bottles will help to cool you down

PET plastic bottles are those made from polyethylene terephthalate, and they represent the ideal solution if you’re trying to cool down during the hot weather. Many of our customers are businesses which serve members of the public with food and beverages and PET plastic bottles are in high demand for a wide variety of reasons. […]

A Patrico Plastic Jerrican Will help to Keep You and Your Business Safe

Here at Patrico we stock a huge and varied range of containers. In many cases, these are bottles or jars intended for the storage and transportation of food and drink, and as such they have to keep the contents fresh and well preserved. A UN approved plastic jerrican, on the other hand, has to offer […]

Working in Partnership to Maintain Excellence

There are certain situations in which the safe storage of solids and liquids is more important than ever. This is particularly true if you’re dealing with substances which might be corrosive, damaging or toxic. That is why the UN have established very strict guidelines for the containers, such as liquid pails and solid pails, within […]

We Supply PET Bottles to Meet all Your Needs

Here at Patrico we understand what our customers want from their bottle suppliers and we go out of our way to ensure that we supply it. Many of the customers we deal with work in the food and drink industry, and that means that they rely, to a massive degree upon being able to purchase […]

The Bulk Glass Jars Your Business Needs

Sourcing the right bulk glass jars is a challenge faced by businesses working in a huge range of industries. It’s particularly vital if you’re a smaller company selling foodstuffs such as preserves, jams and chutneys. There are certain things which you need to be able to rely on when choosing a supplier of your bulk […]

Our Bulk Plastic Buckets are Practical and Versatile

The bulk plastic buckets supplied by Patrico can be put to a huge variety of uses, and are available in a range of sizes wide enough to make them suitable for businesses of all types. Whether you’re dealing with industrial substances or foodstuff, you need the reassurance of knowing that you have containers which are […]

Plastic Bottle Suppliers

Finding the right plastic bottle suppliers is a challenge faced by companies working across an incredibly broad range of industries. There are several boxes with any plastic bottle suppliers need to tick, dealing with the range of bottles on offer, the size, type and availability of those bottles and the flexibility of the supplier involved. […]

Steel Drum Stockist

Patrico are one of the UK’s leading steel drum stockist. Although modern manufacturing methods and materials have created a huge range of shipping and container options, there are some circumstances in which nothing but a steel drum is appropriate. This is particularly the case if you need to ship something hazardous in nature, but, as […]

We have bottles to suit your needs

If you’re in the business of supplying quality goods for sale then shipping those goods often lies at the heart of your logistical concerns. In some cases that may mean ensuring that fragile items are carried safely. Alternatively your business may involve hazardous goods being shipped in a manner which meets the licencing requirements involved, […]

Shipping hazardous material

If you’re in the business of shipping hazardous material then you know how vital it is that you meet the highest possible standards of safety and compliance. Working within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry means ensuring that the goods and substances you ship around the UK and beyond are transported as securely as possible. The […]

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