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Your guide to UN certified packaging

Our UN carton range and UN certified containers enable you to package and transport dangerous goods in total safety The first objective when packaging and transporting dangerous goods is to ensure that the contents do not escape. Consequently we stock a range of specialised containers that have been developed to meet these requirements. In addition […]

A time to reflect… and to look ahead

Past achievements and future targets for the UK’s total packaging solutions specialists It’s almost Christmas and another (extremely hectic) year is now drawing to a close. So although it is a time when we can look back with enormous pride on the past twelve months, it also time to look ahead with expectation and enthusiasm […]

Protecting the essence of Christmas

Our UN buckets, steel kegs and barrels are an essential ingredient for festive flavours and fragrances Bring to mind if you can, all those wonderful flavours and fragrances that you associate with Christmas celebrations: frankincense, spruce, cinnamon, berries, citrus and mint, to name just a few. Every one of these helps to conjure up a […]

Celebrating Christmas with a ‘Cheers’

Our food grade plastic buckets are perfect for Britain’s home brewers Home brewing, whether it is a traditional beer, lager, cider or wine is a year round hobby for many people, but in the run up to Christmas we know that there is a real surge in interest because demand for our food grade plastic […]

How far should we go with our deliveries?

It’s not just the quality of our wholesale containers; it’s the extra effort we put into our service When we say ‘how far should we go’ we’re not simply talking about distance. You can take it as read that the first class Patrico wholesale containers delivery service covers every part of the UK. No, what […]

You can’t beat our drums

You can bang them, bash them, drop them, mistreat them… but you can’t beat our CurTec wide neck drums! The CurTec range of UN Approved wide neck drums have been supplied by Patrico for many years. We source them directly from CurTec, who are internationally recognised and regarded as manufacturers of some of the world’s […]

Patrico is helping industry to clean up its act

Our plastic jerrycans and other containers are now in big demand by the cleaning and janitorial sector  Janitorial supplies… at first glance we have to admit that the subject sounds pretty innocuous. But… when you think about it a little deeper you quickly come to realise that this important industry sector is heavily involved with a […]

Printing Inks? We could write a book.

Why our black plastic buckets and other containers have become so vital to the ink industry Ink manufacturing and for that matter paint and coatings manufacturing as well, are all extremely challenging and technical processes.  You might not fully appreciate it if you are not closely involved, but there are so many different kinds of […]

Doing our bit to find the pollution solution

All Patrico plastic bottles are fully recyclable There’s a lot been said and written about discarded plastic bottles, trays and containers that are blighting our environment.  Many retailers and especially the major supermarkets have promised to examine the problem and some of them have committed to ensuring that their plastic packaging will eventually be recyclable […]

Preserving our reputation for customer service

Patrico glass bottles and jars are ideal for this fruitful time of the year At Patrico we have an extensive range of glass bottles and jars that are constantly in demand by customers both large and small.  They are used to store a massive selection of products that range from tablets and semi-solids, to sauces, […]