It’s one of our favourite ‘PET’ projects

Donating PET plastic containers and financial assistance to our local schools is so rewarding

As well as striving (and succeeding) to be the UK’s number one supplier of industrial and commercial containers, at Patrico we also believe it is very important to support our local community.  After all, the majority of our staff live locally, their children attend local schools and many families play a huge part in local affairs and activities.  As one of the area’s significant employers we think that it is only right that we contribute whenever we can to help foster, encourage and aid this community spirit.  That is why we frequently donate PET plastic bottles together with plastic, tinplate and steel containers, plus occasionally financial support to our local schools.

The PET plastic bottles, along with buckets, jars and all the other assorted containers we provide are more often than not used to assist school craft and science studies.  Recently, however, we were asked if we could contribute to a fund that would enable young pupils enjoy an unforgettable day at the Cheltenham Science Festival, where they indulged in an exciting range of activities including flight simulation, scientific experiments, cyber experience, craft work and real adventure stories.

We were only too happy to oblige.

By all accounts the children enjoyed a wonderful day, which in itself was ample reward for our donation.  What made the occasion so special and so rewarding for us at Patrico though were the fantastic thank you letters we later received from the children.

You only have to read them and admire the poems that they wrote for us, to realise that even small gestures such as the PET plastic products, the other containers and the small donations we provide contribute so much to what in this instance appears to have been an excellent day of excitement, entertainment and education.

Please take a look at a few of the letters we received.  You can almost sense the appreciation and enjoyment that comes through.

It is a genuine pleasure to contribute to our local community, especially for the children, whenever we can, while letters such as these make it all the more worthwhile.

Thank You Letter 1
Thank You Letter 2
Thank You Letter 3
Thank You Letter 4
Thank You Letter 5

If you would like to discuss your own container requirements, find out how we can meet all your requirements not only efficiently but also cost-effectively.  Contact us today.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212.  You can also email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.


PET Plastic

Over 2000 choices … just one point of contact

Here’s why Patrico is the UK’s number one essential packaging source

In today’s business world ‘time is money’.  You simply cannot afford to waste too much time (and money) on tasks that take up hours of valuable effort.  Procurement is a perfect example. Performed efficiently and you make money. Expend too much wasteful effort and it can end up costing you.  So if your organisation has a need for containers and other essential packaging items then your search should start and end at Patrico. Contact us now and discover why we’re rated the UK’s number one essential packaging specialists.   With over 2000 product choices at your disposal – the majority of which are in stock now and are ready for rapid delivery – everything is available with just a single telephone call.

To give you some idea of the vast range of essential packaging items available from stock our catalogue lists everything from tiny 15ml dropper bottles up to UN approved 1000ltr composite IBC Containers mounted on your choice of steel, wooden or plastic pallets.  Then you can also add to that list a comprehensive range of UN Fibreboard Cartons, plus an extensive choice other miscellaneous essential packaging products that include: poly seal bags, cable ties, adhesive tapes, docufix envelopes, paper packaging, poly bags and sacks, bubble wrap … in fact the list just goes on and on and on.      


All you need to do to discover how we can instantly solve your packaging and product container problems is to call 01684 299 212 and speak to one of our helpful essential packaging experts.

At the heart of our essential packaging portfolio is a massive choice of plastic, tinplate and steel drums, buckets and bottles of all descriptions, sizes and shapes – ranging from tiny sample containers up to high-volume, high-security, bulk product containers that meet the most demanding needs of a huge cross-section of industries.

Our vast range of products includes superior quality glass and PET bottles and containers that are all available from stock in an amazing choice of sizes, shapes and specifications.

Almost every one of these is available immediately from stock.  Over 2000 different items and all obtainable with just one single telephone call: 01684 299 212.  Call us now and let us prove to you that you don’t have to spend time and money conducting an extensive and expensive market search.

Among the many industries who regularly use our essential packaging one-stop-shop are: adhesives, resins & Lubricants; Automotive; Chemicals; Cleaning & Janitorial; Engineering; Flavours and Fragrances; Food & Drink; Paints, Inks & Coatings; Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics; Waste Management, plus of course many more miscellaneous business sectors.

Put us to the test.

With over 2000 essential packaging choices on offer we’re confident that we can meet all your requirements not only efficiently but also cost-effectively.  Contact us today.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212.  You can also email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Essential Packaging

Perfect protection for paints and adhesives

Here’s why our open top drums and tighthead drums are industry’s ‘go-to’ solution

Open Top Drums

Open Top Drums










There are certain industry sectors where second best is simply not an option.  So when it comes to specifying storage, transport and point-of-sale containers that promise outstanding product protection, we’re finding that more and more discerning manufacturers are insisting on Patrico.  Excellent examples of this ‘only the best will do’ policy are the paint and industrial adhesives industries where an increasing number of market leading companies now specify Patrico plastic and metal open top drums and tighthead drums.

Both these sectors produce what are very technical and often high-specification products that demand extra care throughout their journey from the factory to the ultimate customer.  Any deficiency in the containers that carry them could very easily compromise the product leading to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately loss of market status and reduced sales.

Patrico containers, including our extensive range of plastic and metal open top drums and tighthead drums, have proved over many years of intensive trading and customer satisfaction to be one hundred percent reliable with the added advantage of excellent value for money.

As part of our customer service we are able to advise new enquirers on which products from our range of plastic and metal open top drums and tighthead drums are most suited for the products in question.

Water based paints, for example, are generally speaking more suited to a lacquered lined steel drum. These are available from stock in a wide range of sizes and specifications that will satisfy the precise needs of virtually every manufacturer. Our range of steel open top drums and tighthead drums is thoroughly comprehensive and offers buying opportunities from a compact 10 litres right up to a colossal 210 litres. Most of these are UN certified and have a removable head secured with a robust steel lever ring closure.

Tighthead steel drums also come in a wide range of capacities that extend from small consumer-sized 1 litre containers up to commercial 210 litre drums.  These drums are available with variety of closures that are designed to suit specific requirements.

When it comes to solvent based paints and adhesives we generally recommend plain internal drums manufactured from either steel, tinplate or high-grade plastic.   Once again each of these ranges is available in a huge choice of sizes, configurations and colours that are designed to match different manufacturing, storage and point of purchase requirements.

Patrico is now the undoubted supplier of choice for a growing list of manufacturers who range in size from the very largest to small start-up operations.  Our unrivalled customer support service and outstanding value for money, together with our unbeatable catalogue of products, means that whatever you require … the chances are we have exactly what you need.

If you would like to discuss your company’s requirements for high-quality, high-value steel and plastic open top drums and tighthead drums for paints, adhesives and other critical products then please contact us now.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Heaven Scent!

Our lacquered lined steel drums provide essential protection for precious fragrances and flavourings

Lined Steel Drums

One of the age-old problems that are of constant concern to the food industry (and cleaning product industry too for that matter) has been how to protect the integrity of their essential flavourings, fragrances and fusions. By protection we mean the importance of avoiding any risk of contamination or degradation, but also at the same time, it is vital that the scents, infusions and flavourings are not allowed to escape and weaken during what may be prolonged periods of storage and transportation. For what is a crucial consideration it is little wonder that more and more flavourings and fragrance manufacturers are putting their trust in Patrico lacquered lined steel drums.

At Patrico we have long been recognised as the UK’s leading specialist supplier of food approved lacquered lined steel drums. All of these are readily available, usually from stock, in a wide choice of styles and sizes ranging from compact 5 litre UN Tighthead internally lacquered drums with wire handle and steel bung fasteners; up to huge 210 litre UN Tighthead ribbed, high-strength steel drums accessorised with two sturdy steel bungs in the head.

Typical of the ingredients and essential oils that are stored in Patrico lined steel drums are: peppermint, spearmint, orange and lemon oils. That list represents just a very small selection of valuable contents that are securely protected for use within the food-manufacturing sector.

Equally important and just as demanding, however, is the household cleaning market together with a growing domestic fragrance industry. Both these sectors rely heavily on the quality of their many fragrance ingredients (very often procured and transported in a concentrated form). Guaranteed security for these products, together with assured protection against the risk of environmental pollution is absolutely essential.

The quality-controlled manufacture of Patrico lacquered lined steel drums has become a benchmark of assurance for what is a growing catalogue of customers.

Fluorinated Plastics
Scientific protection for vulnerable contents

Lined Steel Drums

In addition to our lacquered lined steel drums we also supply an increasingly important range of fluorinated plastic containers. This ultra-technical treatment of a wide range of plastics produces a scientific impermeable fluorination barrier that ensures flavourings, fragrances and even strong solvents and aggressive chemicals can be stored in guaranteed safety. This fluorination protection is now available in a wide choice of our plastic containers, including: bottles, jars, buckets and drums.

If your business involves the storage and transportation of valuable fragrances and flavourings then please speak to us to find out how our specialist knowledge, together with our range of lined steel drums and fluorinated plastic containers could provide the solution you’re seeking. You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Our steel drums are in big demand for BBQs

One aspect about the beautiful weather that we’re now all enjoying at the moment is that people tend to spend more and more time in their gardens, which in many cases also means it’s time to fire up the ‘barbie’.  Whilst most of us are content to buy a ready-made and fully assembled barbecue unit, it appears that for many people the only way is to go back to basics and construct their own. Which is why demand for our steel drums always seems to shoot up when the sun is shining.

At first, we were at a loss to understand this strange phenomenon that coincided with good weather, but the more we spoke to customers the more we realised that Patrico steel drums are now seen as the perfect component when you want to make your own BBQ barrel or your own BBQ smoker.  As a matter of fact, both these DIY projects are becoming so popular that there are now websites devoted to explaining the process and providing fully detailed build instructions.

We should have realised of course just why Patrico steel drums are proving to be so popular amongst barbecue builders because our selection of steel drums comes in an extremely wide range of sizes.  In particular, our 115 litre and 210 litre steel drums are perfectly sized and are absolutely ideal for the project.

The first basic instruction for anyone about to construct their own barrel barbecue or smoker is of course to source the steel drums.  For many people, this means they will probably pick up a second hand, well-used drum that may have previously contained … well, who knows what?  In turn, it means that the first priority is that the drum has to be ‘fired’ in order to burn off any rust or contaminants that may be lingering on the inside skin of the drum.  As you can imagine, not everyone is comfortable with that prospect and an increasing number of DIY barbecue enthusiasts are turning to Patrico to purchase brand new, guaranteed factory clean steel drums.

We’re reliably informed that our pristine steel drums are absolutely perfect for the task and with a bit of ingenuity, plus instructions from the Internet, there is no doubt that they can be quickly converted into an excellent, robust and attractive BBQ barrel or a BBQ smoker.

So while the Patrico range of UN Certified Tighthead steel and tinplate drums – ranging in capacity from 1 litre up to 210 litres and with a range of different closures also available – are primarily intended for a vast variety of industrial uses … when the sun shines and the temperature climbs, then demand from Barbie builders also rises.

For more information on our steel drums take a look at our Steel page, or you can call us on: 01684 299 212.  You can also email us at:  Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Steel Drums BBQ

Brand new and pristine Patrico steel drums are ideal for converting into a BBQ barrel or BBQ smoker.

Break out the drinks!

Unseasonal sunny weather boosts demand for our PET plastic bottles

PET Plastic BottlesPET Plastic BottlesPET Plastic Bottles

Last weekend was the sunniest, hottest early May bank holiday since records began. That meant millions more families were out and about enjoying the good weather and in turn that produced a massive increase in demand for cool soft drinks.  Good news for the drinks venders, great news for the soft drinks manufacturers and further down the supply chain it was excellent news for us thanks to a rush to re-stock our ever-popular PET plastic bottles.

Patrico PET plastic bottles are always in huge demand by drink and juice manufacturers of all sizes.  That’s because the superior quality of our products is fully guaranteed and this is further reinforced by the unsurpassed excellence of our supply and support service that manufacturers know they can always rely on.  Factor in our ultra competitive pricing structure, our stock availability and our flexible order quantity policy and you can well understand why Patrico PET plastic bottles really are the drink industry’s number one brand of choice.

There is, however, yet another valuable factor in the decision making process and that is the unbeatable range of PET plastic bottles we have in our catalogue.  Most soft drink and juice bottles sold in this country come with a 38mm neck.  The perfect size for comfortable quaffing! The good news is that the Patrico range caters for virtually every requirement.

Our clear, round 38mm neck PET plastic bottle are available in a multitude of sizes that range from 150ml right up to 1 litre.  Many of these sizes are also available in a square and prima bottle format. All our 38mm neck bottles are complete with secure screw caps that are available in a choice of clear, black, white and red.

Our PET plastic bottle customers come in all sizes from the smallest start-ups to the largest drink and juice manufacturers.  Our flexible pricing and order quantity structure means that Patrico is particularly attractive to smaller drink and juice producers thanks to the availability of lower quantity, more manageable and affordable box sizes.  

To cater for this lower user market sector we have established Patrico Shop – a simple, no-fuss facility that is especially geared to meet the needs of smaller manufacturers with flexible deals and FREE SHIPPING TO MAINLAND UK.  

You can view our PET plastic bottles range by visiting Patrico Shop at: where you’ll also discover just how simple it is to source and place your orders online.

If you don’t see exactly what you want, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212 or you can email us at:  Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Think plastic bottles are merely to hold drinks?

How our 2-litre PET plastic bottles are helping Britain’s wild newts

PET Plastic Bottles

Whilst it is true that the majority of the PET plastic bottles we supply are destined for the drinks industry, a considerable amount are regularly used as efficient, competitively-priced containers for all manner of different liquids.  Occasionally, however, we receive an enquiry (and usually a follow-up order) for PET plastic bottles that are going to be used for something completely different.

Perhaps the most unusual use of our PET plastic bottles is that they are frequently deployed as ‘Newt Trap Bottles’.  Every year we supply literally thousands of clear 2-litre PET plastic bottles to a number of scientific and conservation authorities to be used as an essential tool in their survey and protection activities.

PET Plastic BottlesThe PET plastic bottles we recommend and supply for this purpose are strong and robustly made so that they hold their shape well.  They also have a long domed neck that is ideal for receiving a bamboo cane, which serves as a means of entry for the newts.  Alternatively, the PET plastic bottles we supply are also easy to cut just below the neck for conversion into bottle traps that are perfect for surveying the larger Great Crested Newts.

We understand that the PET plastic bottles are prepared and placed around the pond margin.  Our customers tell us that these traps are the best and most reliable method of surveying newt populations or for detecting the presence of Great Crested Newts.

It must be pointed out though, that this method of trapping wild newts is a very specialised and highly skilled process that requires not only extensive training but users must also be in possession of the appropriate license.  It is controlled by both conservation and welfare legislation.

Given the prevalence of PET plastic bottles around today, you may be wondering why the organisations that carry out these surveys don’t simply collect empty drinks bottles for their requirements.  The answer is quite simple really.

By coming directly to us they know that we can not only guarantee the quality and consistency of the bottles we supply but also being brand new virgin PET they are perfectly clean with no potentially dangerous dregs to be rinsed out.  There are also no labels to be removed and best of all customers are assured of prompt, reliable deliveries at the most competitive prices.

Maybe you are requiring PET plastic bottles to hold drinks – our range of clear drinks bottles (or newt traps) range from 250ml up to 5-litre.  We also have lots of other different types of plastic bottles within our comprehensive range and if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212 or you can email us at:  Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Going from strength to strength

That’s why more and more customers are choosing to source their packaging essentials from Patrico

It’s generally accepted that when it comes to purchasing and procurement most businesses prefer to deal with successful organisations.  After all, it makes perfect sense. The most successful companies have only been able to achieve their elevated status by being better than their competitors.  Which in turn means that not only do they provide the highest quality merchandise, but they almost certainly support this with superior service. So, in other words, if you know that you won’t be disappointed with the goods and won’t be let down by the service … then that is a powerful argument for putting that supplier at the top of your list.  We’re delighted to report that when it comes to packaging essentials, Patrico is, without question, the preferred choice for what is a continually growing list of customers.

Not that we are in any way at risk of complacency.  In fact quite the reverse. Although we’re rightly proud of our achievements and our unrivalled range of industrial containers, as well as our outstanding record of superior service and customer satisfaction, we are constantly striving for further improvement.  We recognise that if we wish to preserve our outstanding level of excellence we must constantly look to improve. Standing still means you go backwards! Consequently, we can now report that a number of important developments are in the pipeline.

Improved delivery facilities

We are currently in the process of purchasing our first articulated truck.  A super-efficient, low-emission vehicle that will considerably improve our capabilities regarding both collections and deliveries.  Buyers of our plastic, tinplate, steel, glass and PET bottles and containers, plus our IBC containers, UN cartons and miscellaneous packaging essentials can now look forward to even more efficient deliveries and reduced lead times.

Additional warehousing space

In addition to our extensive existing facilities, we have recently acquired an extra 17,000 square feet of warehouse space.  This additional resource will enable us to carry significantly greater quantities of stock, which in turn will allow us to improve our delivery schedules to even higher levels of efficiency.

An extended sales force

Over the past few months, we have been busy recruiting additional sales personnel in order to increase and improve our external sales force.  It will now be far easier for customers to contact our sales team and this, in turn, will improve our sales and support services. At the same time, it will have a very positive effect on our delivery schedules.  

Our recycling policy

Just one other piece of news to report is that always high on our agenda is our progressive recycling policy.  With so much news coverage around regarding ‘plastic pollution’, it is worth pointing out that wherever possible we source our plastic, PET and IBC containers from carefully vetted responsible manufacturers, much of which is produced using recycled materials.  We should also point out that the majority of our plastic containers are fully recyclable as part of our continuing drive to protect the environment.  

If you would like to know more about our extended service facilities or if you wish to discuss any products from our packaging essentials range then please contact us right away.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212 or you can email us at:  Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Packaging Essentials

So who will carry the can?

Why would you risk your products in inferior tinplate containers?

Tinplate Containers

After all the hard work, effort and expense you put into developing and manufacturing your products it is sheer folly to jeopardise their journey to market by packing them in, shall we say, tinplate containers of questionable quality.  If the containers fail then the consequences can be catastrophic and not merely because of the huge compensation bill you could be faced with. Tinplate containers disasters could also have such a devastating effect on the reputation of your brand that it may take years, if not forever to overcome it.

The containers that you put your products, your trust and your company’s good name in are absolutely crucial to your future.  There really is only one sensible solution and that is to avoid any risk and specify the best … which means Patrico.

Our renowned range of high-quality tinplate containers covers virtually every requirement in terms of shapes, sizes, capacities, configurations and content suitability.

Our catalogue includes Cone Top Tins, Lever Lid Tins, Oblong Lugs and Ear Tins, Oblong Tins and Tapered Pails.

Each one of these collections spans a wide catalogue of sizes and capacities with products ranging from 125ml Round Cone Top and Lever Lid Tins that are suitable for a huge variety of products; up to large multi-functional 30lt full aperture pails.

Every product within our comprehensive portfolio is engineered from top-quality tinplate steel using the most advanced manufacturing techniques for guaranteed security, ultra reliability, maximum customer confidence, impressive market presence and most of all for your own reassurance and peace of mind.

Standard features include the option of plastic and metal screw tops incorporating security seals where it is deemed necessary.  Other features, depending on the product, include carrying handles, and push-fit pouring spouts, plus for the pails, secure ring latch lid fastening.  Many of our tinplate containers are also UN Certified for the safe containment of hazardous products.

Patrico tinplate containers are available in a range of external colours with the option of a plain or lacquered internal finish.

For further information on any product from our tinplate containers range or to discuss how we can resolve your own requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212 or you can email us at:  Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page. 

All our jars come fully pre-loaded

Our glass jars wholesale range are all packed with extra quality and super value

Can glass jars really claim to have a USP?  Maybe some, shall we say ‘more basic’ ranges that are available can’t boast this benefit, but you can be assured that every single product in the Patrico glass jar wholesale range is packed to the brim with so many valued features that they are consistently rated ‘BEST BUY’ by a massive spread of customers and industry sectors.  Not least of these USP features is the famous Patrico guarantee of top-quality manufacture and unbeatable value for money. So if you’re searching for the UK’s undisputed number one glass jars wholesaler … your search ends right here at Patrico.


The Patrico glass jars range is as comprehensive as it is competitive with a wide choice of sizes, styles and specifications to match the most demanding requirements.

All our glass jars are precision manufactured, high-quality white flint or amber glassware products that are purpose produced to fulfil the broadest spread of requirements.

Sizes range from 30ml up to 500ml capacity with a choice of alternative shapes that are available with ultra-secure metal and plastic screw caps designed to ensure maximum protection for the contents.

Speaking of contents, even after all these years we are still occasionally amazed at the variety of uses our glass jars are put to, especially by our larger glass jars wholesale customers.  As you’d expect, many of these products are used by the food, pharmaceutical and retail industries as visually attractive and secure containers that are ideal for a vast variety of products such as crystals, tablets, powders and semi-solids.  

Among the other uses of our glass jars that we have been told about, you could also include: spices, DIY and craft products, seeds, plant foods, plus high-end teas, coffee and other luxury goods such as fragrant candles that simply demand the most visually stimulating product display.  Indeed, one of the most popular products within our glass jar wholesale range is the 1lb Clear Glass Honey Jar that is consistently in huge demand by large and small manufacturers of jams, preserves, fruits and of course honey.


Just recently we were even informed that Patrico glass jars are being increasingly chosen as novel displays for presentation gifts and now frequently take pride of place as centrepieces for wedding banquet table settings.

Whatever it is you require high-quality glass jars for and when you are looking for jars that are fully loaded with the most exceptional value for money you must check out the Patrico Glass Jar Wholesale Range.  Contact us now.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212 or you can email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.