It’s one of our favourite ‘PET’ projects

Donating PET plastic containers and financial assistance to our local schools is so rewarding

As well as striving (and succeeding) to be the UK’s number one supplier of industrial and commercial containers, at Patrico we also believe it is very important to support our local community.  After all, the majority of our staff live locally, their children attend local schools and many families play a huge part in local affairs and activities.  As one of the area’s significant employers we think that it is only right that we contribute whenever we can to help foster, encourage and aid this community spirit.  That is why we frequently donate PET plastic bottles together with plastic, tinplate and steel containers, plus occasionally financial support to our local schools.

The PET plastic bottles, along with buckets, jars and all the other assorted containers we provide are more often than not used to assist school craft and science studies.  Recently, however, we were asked if we could contribute to a fund that would enable young pupils enjoy an unforgettable day at the Cheltenham Science Festival, where they indulged in an exciting range of activities including flight simulation, scientific experiments, cyber experience, craft work and real adventure stories.

We were only too happy to oblige.

By all accounts the children enjoyed a wonderful day, which in itself was ample reward for our donation.  What made the occasion so special and so rewarding for us at Patrico though were the fantastic thank you letters we later received from the children.

You only have to read them and admire the poems that they wrote for us, to realise that even small gestures such as the PET plastic products, the other containers and the small donations we provide contribute so much to what in this instance appears to have been an excellent day of excitement, entertainment and education.

Please take a look at a few of the letters we received.  You can almost sense the appreciation and enjoyment that comes through.

It is a genuine pleasure to contribute to our local community, especially for the children, whenever we can, while letters such as these make it all the more worthwhile.

Thank You Letter 1
Thank You Letter 2
Thank You Letter 3
Thank You Letter 4
Thank You Letter 5

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