You can’t beat our drums

You can bang them, bash them, drop them, mistreat them… but you can’t beat our CurTec wide neck drums!

The CurTec range of UN Approved wide neck drums have been supplied by Patrico for many years. We source them directly from CurTec, who are internationally recognised and regarded as manufacturers of some of the world’s most robust drums and containers.

CurTec Wide Neck DrumsBecause we know that so many of our customers demand nothing less than the best, we are always assured that CurTec wide neck drums will never let them down. This unique and iconic range of containers guarantees maximum protection against moisture, tampering and contamination. Not only that, but it also provides positive safeguards against the potential perils that are such an annoying part of transportation and storage of high value products.

CurTec wide neck drums have been proven to meet all the rigorous requirements for the safe shipments of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients. These high quality plastic drums are all UN Certified (IH2) for solids and although they are not designed to carry and store liquids, you can safely store non-hazardous liquids in them.

Their robust construction means that they provide maximum protection for a broad range of dry solid cargoes; including powders, tablets, granules, pellets and crystals. CurTec wide neck drums have an enviable track record of proven and ideal containers for a massive range of hazardous and sensitive contents.  

CurTec wide neck drums comply with the very latest food safety legislation and the impressive specifications include heavy-duty lids that provide super-secure, tamper-proof peace of mind.

Robust security, although of immense importance, is only one of the many highly appreciated attributes and practical benefits that are designed into each and every one of the CurTec wide neck drums. Other, equally impressive specifications and user benefits include:

  •  Watertight Closure
  •  Clean and hygienic plastic construction
  •  Tamper evident lids
  •  Food Grade Plastics
  •  Easy to handle
  •  Robust and stackable
  •  Reusable and sustainable
  •  Quality manufactured from high-grade HDPE
  •  UN Certified (IH2) for solids

Capacities range from 3.6 litres up to 68 litres

If this list includes the kind of features, specifications and safeguards that you are looking for in your wide neck drums, then you really should contact our sales team to discuss how our CurTec wide neck drums could prove to be exactly what you’re looking for.  Our celebrated service includes rapid delivery and although we say it ourselves… exceptional value for money.

You just can’t beat it!

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