Celebrating Christmas with a ‘Cheers’

Our food grade plastic buckets are perfect for Britain’s home brewers

Food Grade Plastic Buckets

Home brewing, whether it is a traditional beer, lager, cider or wine is a year round hobby for many people, but in the run up to Christmas we know that there is a real surge in interest because demand for our food grade plastic buckets, as well as for all our other brewing accessories goes through the roof.

Many of our customers are manufacturers of home brew kits; others are home brew retailers, although we have lots of professional brewers, cider makers and wine producers who also recognise that the outstanding quality, reliability and value of Patrico products just cannot be beaten.

The beauty of our food grade plastic buckets range is that they cater for all kinds of customer needs. With a vast choice of sizes and shapes available, these reusable plastic buckets are absolutely ideal not only for fermentation and mashing, but they are also extensively used for many other purposes. Because they are all fully reusable, along with the fact that they come with secure snap-on lids they are also perfect for the safe, super-hygienic storage of ingredients – both solids and liquids.

As part of our service to the home brewing and wine making market we have also developed an extensive range of accessories that include siphon pumps and taps.

To give you some idea of how we can develop products to meet a customer’s specific requirements, one of our largest home brew customers specialises in selling complete home brew kits. In order to help them meet their unique marketing requirements we created a range of customised food grade plastic buckets to match the precise style, shape and volume specifications needed. As part of our service we also print these reusable buckets with a custom brand logo along with a graduated measuring stripe and we have included a 14mm punched hole in the lid into which a special grommet can be inserted for easier siphoning. Sold as part of a kit or as an individual purchase these Patrico plastic buckets are proving to be a consistent top-seller for our customer.

Food Grade Plastic Buckets

In addition to our reusable food grade plastic buckets the Patrico range also includes a wide selection of bottles that are ideal for the drinks sector. Our 3 litre and 5 litre rectangular PET bottles for instance are in constant demand from the home brewing market while our 1 litre PET plastic bottles are particularly popular with wine makers. Our range of dairy bottles is also being increasingly used by more and more specialist cider makers to sell their products in up-market outlets such as farm shops.

If you have a requirement for specialist containers: plastic, tinplate, steel, glass or PET then please do not hesitate to contact Patrico. You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: sales@patrico.co.uk. Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

In the meantime… it’s almost Christmas… so CHEERS!