Protecting the essence of Christmas

Our UN buckets, steel kegs and barrels are an essential ingredient for festive flavours and fragrances

UN Buckets

Bring to mind if you can, all those wonderful flavours and fragrances that you associate with Christmas celebrations: frankincense, spruce, cinnamon, berries, citrus and mint, to name just a few. Every one of these helps to conjure up a whiff of half-forgotten memories and re-kindles the enjoyment of happy times past.

Yet although these timeless tastes and sensual smells are very much part of the festive occasion, they don’t just occur by magic. Each and every one of them has to be skillfully created with a delicate blend of specialist ingredients. Every finished fragrance and flavour has to be carefully and securely stored so that the exotic and sensorial scents do not have a chance to escape and become diluted. Nor must they be allowed to cross-contaminate other tastes and essences. They also need to be transported with a firm guarantee that they will be safe from spillage and spoilage.

The whole production and shipping process is complex and most carefully managed, which is precisely why so many businesses involved in the initial production, the transportation and the final blending and product manufacture, packing and marketing now place their trust and the welfare of their precious products in Patrico’s UN Buckets.

UN Buckets

More and more manufacturers of these fragrances and flavourings specify our plastic UN buckets, steel kegs and steel barrels for use within their production process. The guaranteed quality of the materials, the reliability of construction, the unrivalled security of the fastenings and the wide choice of sizes, shapes and volumes more than meet every single requirement.

For transportation too, our sturdy, security assured steel kegs and steel barrels provide the essential level of safety and protection that product manufacturers demand – on the road, in their warehouses and on their production lines.

Yes, we may be acting behind the scenes, but at Patrico we like to think that we are doing our bit to protect and preserve the essence of Christmas.

If you manufacture, transport, store or use sensitive products, please speak to us now to discover how, with well over 1000 different stock lines, we can almost certainly provide precisely what you require.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.