Greater choice from our PET bottle range

Selection and service, no matter how many (or few) you require

PET Bottle

We think that it is pretty much indisputable that the Patrico PET bottle range offers the biggest and most comprehensive choice available from stock in the UK. What may not be quite as appreciated though is the fact that reinforcing this unbeatable choice is the immense range of accessories we also have available supported by service and deliveries that are geared to meet the individual needs of each and every customer… from the very largest to the smallest.

The sheer choice available within the Patrico PET bottle range is quite simply amazing. They are available in an exceptional variety of styles, shapes and volumes ranging from 250ml all the way up to large 2 litre capacities. Every one of these clear PET bottle designs (none of which contain BPA, phthalates or any other harmful chemicals) is suitable for the mineral water and soft drink industries and they are ideal for the eye-catching display and sale of a huge range of products – including fruit juices and ciders.

Every product in this hugely popular PET bottle range has a 28mm tamper evident neck and our secure screw caps are available in a wide choice of different colours.

But there’s more.

PET Bottle

In addition to our ever-popular 28mm neck range, our PET bottle stock also includes a wide selection of larger rectangular and square bottles that are available in both 3 litre and 5 litre capacities and with wide 43mm screw caps. As well as these, you will also find a range of specialist PET bottles available for the cold pressed juice and smoothie drinks market. Each of these is manufactured with secure 38mm screw necks together with a choice of coloured caps available.

Additionally, sports style pull-up caps are also available in both 28mm and 38mm sizes.

Every PET bottle is fully recyclable

With so much attention now being placed on the environmental threat posed by plastic containers, it is comforting to know that every Patrico PET bottle is 100 percent recyclable.

PET Bottle

This recycling symbol chart clearly shows that PET, awarded the Number 1 rating, is the easiest of all plastics to recycle.

A choice of two websites to suit all order requirements

At Patrico while we recognise that many of our customers represent large organisations placing high volume orders for our guaranteed quality PET bottle products, we also acknowledge that there are many other businesses and individuals who require far smaller quantities.

That is why we have now set up two websites.

For large volume customers our trade site is:

We have also set up the Patrico Retail Shop website for traders and individuals who require smaller quantities. The Patrico Retail Shop can be found at:

Whichever site you visit you know you can rely on superb service from our expert team who are there to help you.

Orders are dispatched daily and we provide FREE DELIVERY to addresses in the UK.

If you have a PET bottle requirement and would like to discuss all the options we have available, then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.