Drum Roles

Many different types of steel drums for many different applications

Types of Steel drums

So one steel drum is much the same as another is it? Certainly not at Patrico, because we stock a wide selection of different types of steel drums that have all been purpose-designed and constructed to fulfil a vast range of different roles within a broad spread of industries.

Take a look at all the different types of steel drums we now have to offer, most of which are immediately available from stock for rapid delivery anywhere across the UK.

Tighthead Steel Drums

All our tighthead steel drums are UN Certified. They are available in capacities ranging from 1 litre up to 210 litres and you can also specify them with a wide selection of different closures, including screw caps, spouts and internal bungs.

Open Top Steel Drums

Our extensive range of open top steel drums, most of which are UN Certified for solids, are available in capacities from 10 litres up to 210 litres. All these drums have removable lids secured with a sturdy steel lever ring closure.

All these different types of steel drums are available with a wide variety of external and internal finishes.

Agitator Steel Drums

Our agitator steel drums provide an innovative and controllable method of mixing contents, without the need for an external drum mixer.

 Types of Steel drums

The double mixer technology is pre-installed into the steel UN Certified 210 litre open top drum and it is powered either by a pneumatic or electrical motor.

These robust steel drums are ideal for the transport and storage of a wide range of industrial products, including:

  •  Chemicals and polymers
  •  Heavy liquid solids
  •  High viscosity liquids
  •  Slurries
  •  Paints, inks and coatings
  •  Lubricants and fuels
  •  Wastewater
  •  Agricultural products
  •  Plus many other industrial materials

The lower paddle, located close to the base of the steel drum, ensures the efficient blending of settled pigments, while the vortex action created by both sets of blades promotes thorough and uniform mixing.

Salvage Drums

We have all very possibly experienced the disastrous results that can occur if a steel drum is unfortunately damaged during storage or transit. Now our range of salvage drums have been designed to allow the safe and economic transport of damaged drums without undue risk of product loss or collateral damage.

 Types of Steel drums

Patrico Salvage drums are available in three standard sizes from 280 – 430 litres. We can also provide other customised options. All our steel salvage drums significantly exceed the UN performance specifications.

To discover more about all the different types of steel drums available from Patrico, plus full details about our wide range of external and internal finishes, fastenings and dispensing systems, please speak to one of our expert, friendly team. You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: sales@patrico.co.uk.  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.