How far should we go with our deliveries?

It’s not just the quality of our wholesale containers; it’s the extra effort we put into our service

When we say ‘how far should we go’ we’re not simply talking about distance. You can take it as read that the first class Patrico wholesale containers delivery service covers every part of the UK. No, what we’re referring to is how much extra effort should we put into making sure that all our customers’ every requirement is fully met.Wholesale Containers There can only be one answer… at Patrico we always strive to satisfy every customer’s needs, no matter how challenging. So how far are we prepared to go? Let’s just say the extra mile and very often we’ll go even beyond that!

Being prepared to go above and beyond is what Patrico has built its wholesale containers business, its reputation and its success on.

That is because although we stock and supply only the very highest quality of plastic, tinplate, glass and steel, bottles, jars, buckets drums and containers, we are the first to admit that these products are by no means unique to us.

What does make us different and makes us the best is our unrivalled customer service. Now that is unique! Nothing is too much trouble. No deadline is too tight. We always say that if it is at all possible we will do it. And even on those occasions that it appears to be an impossible request we will still move heaven and earth to try and help out our customers.

In fact we have many customer testimonials praising the quality of our service and the reliability of our deliveries. It is something we pride ourselves on and there have been many occasions when a customer has contacted us to explain how urgently they require a new supply of wholesale containers. The one thing they know they can be confident of is that if it can be achieved they can rely on us one hundred percent to make it happen.

While we may be one of the UK’s leading providers of wholesale containers, we are not too complacent to admit that mishaps can very occasionally happen. What we can promise though is that if we do make a mistake (and it is very rare) then we will spare no effort to put things right as quickly as possible to ensure that a customer does not suffer.

As in any business sector, finding a new customer is always challenging. Losing customers through our own failings is something we will never, ever accept.

So the answer to the question ‘how far should we go to keep our customers happy’ has to be ‘further than anyone else’. As far as is necessary… and then some!

If you are looking for Britain’s best wholesale containers specialist then please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us prove to you that we are by far and away in a class of our own. You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

You can’t beat our drums

You can bang them, bash them, drop them, mistreat them… but you can’t beat our CurTec wide neck drums!

The CurTec range of UN Approved wide neck drums have been supplied by Patrico for many years. We source them directly from CurTec, who are internationally recognised and regarded as manufacturers of some of the world’s most robust drums and containers.

CurTec Wide Neck DrumsBecause we know that so many of our customers demand nothing less than the best, we are always assured that CurTec wide neck drums will never let them down. This unique and iconic range of containers guarantees maximum protection against moisture, tampering and contamination. Not only that, but it also provides positive safeguards against the potential perils that are such an annoying part of transportation and storage of high value products.

CurTec wide neck drums have been proven to meet all the rigorous requirements for the safe shipments of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients. These high quality plastic drums are all UN Certified (IH2) for solids and although they are not designed to carry and store liquids, you can safely store non-hazardous liquids in them.

Their robust construction means that they provide maximum protection for a broad range of dry solid cargoes; including powders, tablets, granules, pellets and crystals. CurTec wide neck drums have an enviable track record of proven and ideal containers for a massive range of hazardous and sensitive contents.  

CurTec wide neck drums comply with the very latest food safety legislation and the impressive specifications include heavy-duty lids that provide super-secure, tamper-proof peace of mind.

Robust security, although of immense importance, is only one of the many highly appreciated attributes and practical benefits that are designed into each and every one of the CurTec wide neck drums. Other, equally impressive specifications and user benefits include:

  •  Watertight Closure
  •  Clean and hygienic plastic construction
  •  Tamper evident lids
  •  Food Grade Plastics
  •  Easy to handle
  •  Robust and stackable
  •  Reusable and sustainable
  •  Quality manufactured from high-grade HDPE
  •  UN Certified (IH2) for solids

Capacities range from 3.6 litres up to 68 litres

If this list includes the kind of features, specifications and safeguards that you are looking for in your wide neck drums, then you really should contact our sales team to discuss how our CurTec wide neck drums could prove to be exactly what you’re looking for.  Our celebrated service includes rapid delivery and although we say it ourselves… exceptional value for money.

You just can’t beat it!

You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Patrico is helping industry to clean up its act

Our plastic jerrycans and other containers are now in big demand by the cleaning and janitorial sector

 Plastic JerrycansJanitorial supplies… at first glance we have to admit that the subject sounds pretty innocuous. But… when you think about it a little deeper you quickly come to realise that this important industry sector is heavily involved with a huge number of risky, not to say dangerous products that need to be handled with care on a daily basis. It is precisely for this reason that more and more manufacturers are relying on Patrico industry-approved plastic containers to store, transport and dispense their products.

Our impressive, specially developed product range covers an extensive choice of plastic containers, including: plastic jerrycans, plastic buckets, plastic bottles and a wide selection of plastic drums, together with numerous closures, trigger-sprays and dispensers.

This outstanding selection of high-grade plastic containers is entirely made from superior, technically formulated plastic resins using the most modern manufacturing and QA processes to ensure guaranteed quality, ongoing consistency and unbeatable confidence in its performance.

Our plastic jerrycans, buckets, bottles and drums are all available from stock in a comprehensive selection of sizes that range from tiny 15ml bottles to colossal containers capable of carrying 200 litres.

For storage, transportation and for the dispensing of powerful, high-performance cleaning agents, bleaches, chemicals, polishes, soaps, wipes, detergents and so many other janitorial products that can be described as potentially hazardous, our extensive catalogue of containers includes a huge number that are perfectly suited to meet the challenging needs of the cleaning and janitorial supplies industry. No wonder an increasing number of companies within this demanding sector now rely on Patrico to supply all their plastic containers.

Environmentally assured
As well as demanding perfect protection for their products, many manufacturers within the cleaning and janitorial supplies sector are now increasingly aware of their environmental responsibilities. That is why all our plastic jerrycans, buckets, bottles and drums are produced from one hundred per cent recyclable plastics. It is a rigorous closed loop ecological policy that is fast becoming greatly appreciated by everyone concerned.

Maybe you are searching for a new and reliable source for your plastic containers. Whatever products or contents they are intended to carry you can be certain that you will discover precisely what you are looking for within the comprehensive Patrico catalogue. We provide guaranteed quality along with excellent value for money that is supported by daily delivery schedules designed to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Printing Inks? We could write a book.

Why our black plastic buckets and other containers have become so vital to the ink industry

Ink manufacturing and for that matter paint and coatings manufacturing as well, are all extremely challenging and technical processes.  You might not fully appreciate it if you are not closely involved, but there are so many different kinds of inks, paints and coatings … and each and every one will have been specifically developed to meet the unique requirements of a particular process or to produce a desired result.  Whilst at Patrico we are not directly involved with these technical processes themselves, our plastic buckets and jerricans, together with our hugely acclaimed steel drums and tinplate pails, have become indispensible trade accessories and are in their own way, major contributors to the success of many of the manufacturing companies involved.

Our plastic, steel and tinplate containers have proved to be ideal for these specialist processes and products and they are now in constant demand by many of the UK’s leading manufacturers.

Plastic BucketsThe guaranteed quality assurance we apply to all our products is of particular importance where the storage of a wide range of pre-production raw materials – both solids and liquids – plus the safe and secure transportation of the vast variety of finished products is of paramount importance.

Such is the vital significance of these quality assured storage and transportation containers, it is little wonder that so many of the biggest and most successful manufacturers of inks, paints and coating products now rely on Patrico.

Our 5 litre plastic buckets are in constant demand for the reliable transportation of both liquid and solid ink ingredients.  Likewise we also supply 5 litre plastic jerricans to all these industries for the transportation of valuable products.  Over recent years there has been an increasing demand for our steel drums that are available in a wide range of capacities, together with different lidding, fastening and dispensing configurations. We have also found that there is a growing call for our tinplate tapered pails that are available from 1 litre up to 30 litre capacities and with a range of finishes and fastenings.

Plastic Buckets








If you are involved in the ink, paint or coatings manufacturing industries and you would like to know just why our plastic buckets and jerricans, steel drums and tinplate pails have become the number one choice for these demanding industries; or if you would like to know more about our extensive range of specialist containers, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Doing our bit to find the pollution solution

All Patrico plastic bottles are fully recyclable

There’s a lot been said and written about discarded plastic bottles, trays and containers that are blighting our environment.  Many retailers and especially the major supermarkets have promised to examine the problem and some of them have committed to ensuring that their plastic packaging will eventually be recyclable … although they say that this may not be fully effective for quite some time.  At Patrico we think that the plastic waste problem is more urgent than that!  There has to be a more immediate pollution solution.  Which is why we have made sure that all our plastic bottles – and caps – are already manufactured from fully recyclable plastic.

Plastic Bottles

This is a subject that we have been very concerned about for a number of years now and over that time we have strived to ensure that all our plastic bottles adhere one hundred per cent to our own rigorous recycling code of conduct.

None of the plastic bottles available within our extensive range need to be disposed of in landfill or by incineration.  Everything can be returned, reclaimed and re-used within future production processes that these days can extend across a massive range of products from garden furniture to fashion wear.

The Patrico recyclable plastic bottles range encompasses both round and rectangular bottles that are available in sizes from tiny 30ml up to capacious 1.1 litre capacities.  They can be specified in either high density (HDPE) or low density (LDPE) polyethylene and they are available in both natural clear and white pigmentation with other colours available to order.

We also offer a wide range of caps, closures and spray heads; and all bottles can be personalised with your own print design.

You might suppose that our recyclable plastic bottles policy would leave us feeling rather pleased with ourselves.  Well yes it does, but we believe that we can still go further and that we can make an even bigger impact on the scourge of today’s plastic disposal problem.

Here is one way we are already doing that.

In addition to our range of fully recyclable plastic bottles we are now also making available a super-ecological range of Post Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR) bottles that are not only recyclable … but which have been manufactured from 97 per cent recycled material.

That is a double whammy pollution solution!

At the moment these PCR bottles need to be specially ordered and they are not yet available from stock.  Although they are not approved for use within the food industry, they are most suitable for most other industrial applications.

If you share our concerns about plastic pollution and you want your products packaged in fully recyclable plastic bottles then please speak to us to find out how we can help you to achieve your pollution solution objectives.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Preserving our reputation for customer service

Patrico glass bottles and jars are ideal for this fruitful time of the year

At Patrico we have an extensive range of glass bottles and jars that are constantly in demand by customers both large and small.  They are used to store a massive selection of products that range from tablets and semi-solids, to sauces, foodstuffs, powders, crystals and of course lots of pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.  This time of year, however, sees a significant spike in demand from a totally different market sector, because Patrico glass bottles and jars are unbeatable when it comes to jam making and fruit preservation.

Actually the market profile of our order book also changes during August and September.  Yes, of course we still receive many enquiries and orders for our glass bottles and jars from our regular large customers.  The difference is though that we also see a boom in enquiries from what we would describe as small seasonal customers.  These include artisan food specialists, farm shops, country food producers, associations such as the WI and of course from many individuals who love to capture and preserve the wonderful natural flavours of the seasonal fruits and vegetables that reach their very best at this time of the year.

The extensive range of Patrico glass bottles and jars is absolutely perfect for the bottling and preservation of a whole range of natural produce.

Glass Bottles and Jars







Our choice of clear glass bottles and jars comes in all shapes and sizes starting from small 30ml and going up to beyond 1 litre.  Literally there are glass bottles and jars for every requirement from small round and square preserve jars, artisan clip-top jars and of course a wide selection of sizes including both metal and plastic screw tops that are absolutely perfect for jams, pickles and preserves.

A special on-line shop for smaller customers

Many of our customers are, of course, large organisations who order vast quantities of our glass bottles and jars.  We recognise, however, that especially at this time of year, many customers require only limited quantities for their small business activities or even for their personal use.

That is why we opened the Patrico Shop,

This on-line buying facility offers a wide choice of plastic, glass, tinplate and steel packaging in small convenient quantities to suit business start-ups, small operations and individual hobbyists.

The Patrico Shop specialises in supplying small quantities that are dispatched on a daily basis with the aim of delivery within 1 – 3 days.  Best of all we offer FREE DELIVERY TO ALL MAINLAND UK ADDRESSES.

Take a look at our extensive range of glass bottles and jars by visiting the Patrico Shop at:  If you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for please do not hesitate to contact us and we will always do our very best to help.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

It’s one of our favourite ‘PET’ projects

Donating PET plastic containers and financial assistance to our local schools is so rewarding

As well as striving (and succeeding) to be the UK’s number one supplier of industrial and commercial containers, at Patrico we also believe it is very important to support our local community.  After all, the majority of our staff live locally, their children attend local schools and many families play a huge part in local affairs and activities.  As one of the area’s significant employers we think that it is only right that we contribute whenever we can to help foster, encourage and aid this community spirit.  That is why we frequently donate PET plastic bottles together with plastic, tinplate and steel containers, plus occasionally financial support to our local schools.

The PET plastic bottles, along with buckets, jars and all the other assorted containers we provide are more often than not used to assist school craft and science studies.  Recently, however, we were asked if we could contribute to a fund that would enable young pupils enjoy an unforgettable day at the Cheltenham Science Festival, where they indulged in an exciting range of activities including flight simulation, scientific experiments, cyber experience, craft work and real adventure stories.

We were only too happy to oblige.

By all accounts the children enjoyed a wonderful day, which in itself was ample reward for our donation.  What made the occasion so special and so rewarding for us at Patrico though were the fantastic thank you letters we later received from the children.

You only have to read them and admire the poems that they wrote for us, to realise that even small gestures such as the PET plastic products, the other containers and the small donations we provide contribute so much to what in this instance appears to have been an excellent day of excitement, entertainment and education.

Please take a look at a few of the letters we received.  You can almost sense the appreciation and enjoyment that comes through.

It is a genuine pleasure to contribute to our local community, especially for the children, whenever we can, while letters such as these make it all the more worthwhile.

Thank You Letter 1
Thank You Letter 2
Thank You Letter 3
Thank You Letter 4
Thank You Letter 5

If you would like to discuss your own container requirements, find out how we can meet all your requirements not only efficiently but also cost-effectively.  Contact us today.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212.  You can also email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.


PET Plastic

Over 2000 choices … just one point of contact

Here’s why Patrico is the UK’s number one essential packaging source

In today’s business world ‘time is money’.  You simply cannot afford to waste too much time (and money) on tasks that take up hours of valuable effort.  Procurement is a perfect example. Performed efficiently and you make money. Expend too much wasteful effort and it can end up costing you.  So if your organisation has a need for containers and other essential packaging items then your search should start and end at Patrico. Contact us now and discover why we’re rated the UK’s number one essential packaging specialists.   With over 2000 product choices at your disposal – the majority of which are in stock now and are ready for rapid delivery – everything is available with just a single telephone call.

To give you some idea of the vast range of essential packaging items available from stock our catalogue lists everything from tiny 15ml dropper bottles up to UN approved 1000ltr composite IBC Containers mounted on your choice of steel, wooden or plastic pallets.  Then you can also add to that list a comprehensive range of UN Fibreboard Cartons, plus an extensive choice other miscellaneous essential packaging products that include: poly seal bags, cable ties, adhesive tapes, docufix envelopes, paper packaging, poly bags and sacks, bubble wrap … in fact the list just goes on and on and on.      


All you need to do to discover how we can instantly solve your packaging and product container problems is to call 01684 299 212 and speak to one of our helpful essential packaging experts.

At the heart of our essential packaging portfolio is a massive choice of plastic, tinplate and steel drums, buckets and bottles of all descriptions, sizes and shapes – ranging from tiny sample containers up to high-volume, high-security, bulk product containers that meet the most demanding needs of a huge cross-section of industries.

Our vast range of products includes superior quality glass and PET bottles and containers that are all available from stock in an amazing choice of sizes, shapes and specifications.

Almost every one of these is available immediately from stock.  Over 2000 different items and all obtainable with just one single telephone call: 01684 299 212.  Call us now and let us prove to you that you don’t have to spend time and money conducting an extensive and expensive market search.

Among the many industries who regularly use our essential packaging one-stop-shop are: adhesives, resins & Lubricants; Automotive; Chemicals; Cleaning & Janitorial; Engineering; Flavours and Fragrances; Food & Drink; Paints, Inks & Coatings; Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics; Waste Management, plus of course many more miscellaneous business sectors.

Put us to the test.

With over 2000 essential packaging choices on offer we’re confident that we can meet all your requirements not only efficiently but also cost-effectively.  Contact us today.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212.  You can also email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Essential Packaging

Perfect protection for paints and adhesives

Here’s why our open top drums and tighthead drums are industry’s ‘go-to’ solution

Open Top Drums

Open Top Drums










There are certain industry sectors where second best is simply not an option.  So when it comes to specifying storage, transport and point-of-sale containers that promise outstanding product protection, we’re finding that more and more discerning manufacturers are insisting on Patrico.  Excellent examples of this ‘only the best will do’ policy are the paint and industrial adhesives industries where an increasing number of market leading companies now specify Patrico plastic and metal open top drums and tighthead drums.

Both these sectors produce what are very technical and often high-specification products that demand extra care throughout their journey from the factory to the ultimate customer.  Any deficiency in the containers that carry them could very easily compromise the product leading to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately loss of market status and reduced sales.

Patrico containers, including our extensive range of plastic and metal open top drums and tighthead drums, have proved over many years of intensive trading and customer satisfaction to be one hundred percent reliable with the added advantage of excellent value for money.

As part of our customer service we are able to advise new enquirers on which products from our range of plastic and metal open top drums and tighthead drums are most suited for the products in question.

Water based paints, for example, are generally speaking more suited to a lacquered lined steel drum. These are available from stock in a wide range of sizes and specifications that will satisfy the precise needs of virtually every manufacturer. Our range of steel open top drums and tighthead drums is thoroughly comprehensive and offers buying opportunities from a compact 10 litres right up to a colossal 210 litres. Most of these are UN certified and have a removable head secured with a robust steel lever ring closure.

Tighthead steel drums also come in a wide range of capacities that extend from small consumer-sized 1 litre containers up to commercial 210 litre drums.  These drums are available with variety of closures that are designed to suit specific requirements.

When it comes to solvent based paints and adhesives we generally recommend plain internal drums manufactured from either steel, tinplate or high-grade plastic.   Once again each of these ranges is available in a huge choice of sizes, configurations and colours that are designed to match different manufacturing, storage and point of purchase requirements.

Patrico is now the undoubted supplier of choice for a growing list of manufacturers who range in size from the very largest to small start-up operations.  Our unrivalled customer support service and outstanding value for money, together with our unbeatable catalogue of products, means that whatever you require … the chances are we have exactly what you need.

If you would like to discuss your company’s requirements for high-quality, high-value steel and plastic open top drums and tighthead drums for paints, adhesives and other critical products then please contact us now.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at:  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Heaven Scent!

Our lacquered lined steel drums provide essential protection for precious fragrances and flavourings

Lined Steel Drums

One of the age-old problems that are of constant concern to the food industry (and cleaning product industry too for that matter) has been how to protect the integrity of their essential flavourings, fragrances and fusions. By protection we mean the importance of avoiding any risk of contamination or degradation, but also at the same time, it is vital that the scents, infusions and flavourings are not allowed to escape and weaken during what may be prolonged periods of storage and transportation. For what is a crucial consideration it is little wonder that more and more flavourings and fragrance manufacturers are putting their trust in Patrico lacquered lined steel drums.

At Patrico we have long been recognised as the UK’s leading specialist supplier of food approved lacquered lined steel drums. All of these are readily available, usually from stock, in a wide choice of styles and sizes ranging from compact 5 litre UN Tighthead internally lacquered drums with wire handle and steel bung fasteners; up to huge 210 litre UN Tighthead ribbed, high-strength steel drums accessorised with two sturdy steel bungs in the head.

Typical of the ingredients and essential oils that are stored in Patrico lined steel drums are: peppermint, spearmint, orange and lemon oils. That list represents just a very small selection of valuable contents that are securely protected for use within the food-manufacturing sector.

Equally important and just as demanding, however, is the household cleaning market together with a growing domestic fragrance industry. Both these sectors rely heavily on the quality of their many fragrance ingredients (very often procured and transported in a concentrated form). Guaranteed security for these products, together with assured protection against the risk of environmental pollution is absolutely essential.

The quality-controlled manufacture of Patrico lacquered lined steel drums has become a benchmark of assurance for what is a growing catalogue of customers.

Fluorinated Plastics
Scientific protection for vulnerable contents

Lined Steel Drums

In addition to our lacquered lined steel drums we also supply an increasingly important range of fluorinated plastic containers. This ultra-technical treatment of a wide range of plastics produces a scientific impermeable fluorination barrier that ensures flavourings, fragrances and even strong solvents and aggressive chemicals can be stored in guaranteed safety. This fluorination protection is now available in a wide choice of our plastic containers, including: bottles, jars, buckets and drums.

If your business involves the storage and transportation of valuable fragrances and flavourings then please speak to us to find out how our specialist knowledge, together with our range of lined steel drums and fluorinated plastic containers could provide the solution you’re seeking. You can call us on: 01684 299 212. You can also email us at: Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.