Going from strength to strength

That’s why more and more customers are choosing to source their packaging essentials from Patrico

It’s generally accepted that when it comes to purchasing and procurement most businesses prefer to deal with successful organisations.  After all, it makes perfect sense. The most successful companies have only been able to achieve their elevated status by being better than their competitors.  Which in turn means that not only do they provide the highest quality merchandise, but they almost certainly support this with superior service. So, in other words, if you know that you won’t be disappointed with the goods and won’t be let down by the service … then that is a powerful argument for putting that supplier at the top of your list.  We’re delighted to report that when it comes to packaging essentials, Patrico is, without question, the preferred choice for what is a continually growing list of customers.

Not that we are in any way at risk of complacency.  In fact quite the reverse. Although we’re rightly proud of our achievements and our unrivalled range of industrial containers, as well as our outstanding record of superior service and customer satisfaction, we are constantly striving for further improvement.  We recognise that if we wish to preserve our outstanding level of excellence we must constantly look to improve. Standing still means you go backwards! Consequently, we can now report that a number of important developments are in the pipeline.

Improved delivery facilities

We are currently in the process of purchasing our first articulated truck.  A super-efficient, low-emission vehicle that will considerably improve our capabilities regarding both collections and deliveries.  Buyers of our plastic, tinplate, steel, glass and PET bottles and containers, plus our IBC containers, UN cartons and miscellaneous packaging essentials can now look forward to even more efficient deliveries and reduced lead times.

Additional warehousing space

In addition to our extensive existing facilities, we have recently acquired an extra 17,000 square feet of warehouse space.  This additional resource will enable us to carry significantly greater quantities of stock, which in turn will allow us to improve our delivery schedules to even higher levels of efficiency.

An extended sales force

Over the past few months, we have been busy recruiting additional sales personnel in order to increase and improve our external sales force.  It will now be far easier for customers to contact our sales team and this, in turn, will improve our sales and support services. At the same time, it will have a very positive effect on our delivery schedules.  

Our recycling policy

Just one other piece of news to report is that always high on our agenda is our progressive recycling policy.  With so much news coverage around regarding ‘plastic pollution’, it is worth pointing out that wherever possible we source our plastic, PET and IBC containers from carefully vetted responsible manufacturers, much of which is produced using recycled materials.  We should also point out that the majority of our plastic containers are fully recyclable as part of our continuing drive to protect the environment.  

If you would like to know more about our extended service facilities or if you wish to discuss any products from our packaging essentials range then please contact us right away.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212 or you can email us at: sales@patrico.co.uk.  Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

Packaging Essentials

So who will carry the can?

Why would you risk your products in inferior tinplate containers?

Tinplate Containers

After all the hard work, effort and expense you put into developing and manufacturing your products it is sheer folly to jeopardise their journey to market by packing them in, shall we say, tinplate containers of questionable quality.  If the containers fail then the consequences can be catastrophic and not merely because of the huge compensation bill you could be faced with. Tinplate containers disasters could also have such a devastating effect on the reputation of your brand that it may take years, if not forever to overcome it.

The containers that you put your products, your trust and your company’s good name in are absolutely crucial to your future.  There really is only one sensible solution and that is to avoid any risk and specify the best … which means Patrico.

Our renowned range of high-quality tinplate containers covers virtually every requirement in terms of shapes, sizes, capacities, configurations and content suitability.

Our catalogue includes Cone Top Tins, Lever Lid Tins, Oblong Lugs and Ear Tins, Oblong Tins and Tapered Pails.

Each one of these collections spans a wide catalogue of sizes and capacities with products ranging from 125ml Round Cone Top and Lever Lid Tins that are suitable for a huge variety of products; up to large multi-functional 30lt full aperture pails.

Every product within our comprehensive portfolio is engineered from top-quality tinplate steel using the most advanced manufacturing techniques for guaranteed security, ultra reliability, maximum customer confidence, impressive market presence and most of all for your own reassurance and peace of mind.

Standard features include the option of plastic and metal screw tops incorporating security seals where it is deemed necessary.  Other features, depending on the product, include carrying handles, and push-fit pouring spouts, plus for the pails, secure ring latch lid fastening.  Many of our tinplate containers are also UN Certified for the safe containment of hazardous products.

Patrico tinplate containers are available in a range of external colours with the option of a plain or lacquered internal finish.

For further information on any product from our tinplate containers range or to discuss how we can resolve your own requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212 or you can email us at: sales@patrico.co.uk.  Alternatively, you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page. 

All our jars come fully pre-loaded

Our glass jars wholesale range are all packed with extra quality and super value

Can glass jars really claim to have a USP?  Maybe some, shall we say ‘more basic’ ranges that are available can’t boast this benefit, but you can be assured that every single product in the Patrico glass jar wholesale range is packed to the brim with so many valued features that they are consistently rated ‘BEST BUY’ by a massive spread of customers and industry sectors.  Not least of these USP features is the famous Patrico guarantee of top-quality manufacture and unbeatable value for money. So if you’re searching for the UK’s undisputed number one glass jars wholesaler … your search ends right here at Patrico.


The Patrico glass jars range is as comprehensive as it is competitive with a wide choice of sizes, styles and specifications to match the most demanding requirements.

All our glass jars are precision manufactured, high-quality white flint or amber glassware products that are purpose produced to fulfil the broadest spread of requirements.

Sizes range from 30ml up to 500ml capacity with a choice of alternative shapes that are available with ultra-secure metal and plastic screw caps designed to ensure maximum protection for the contents.

Speaking of contents, even after all these years we are still occasionally amazed at the variety of uses our glass jars are put to, especially by our larger glass jars wholesale customers.  As you’d expect, many of these products are used by the food, pharmaceutical and retail industries as visually attractive and secure containers that are ideal for a vast variety of products such as crystals, tablets, powders and semi-solids.  

Among the other uses of our glass jars that we have been told about, you could also include: spices, DIY and craft products, seeds, plant foods, plus high-end teas, coffee and other luxury goods such as fragrant candles that simply demand the most visually stimulating product display.  Indeed, one of the most popular products within our glass jar wholesale range is the 1lb Clear Glass Honey Jar that is consistently in huge demand by large and small manufacturers of jams, preserves, fruits and of course honey.


Just recently we were even informed that Patrico glass jars are being increasingly chosen as novel displays for presentation gifts and now frequently take pride of place as centrepieces for wedding banquet table settings.

Whatever it is you require high-quality glass jars for and when you are looking for jars that are fully loaded with the most exceptional value for money you must check out the Patrico Glass Jar Wholesale Range.  Contact us now.  You can call us on: 01684 299 212 or you can email us at: sales@patrico.co.uk.  Alternatively you can send us an online message using the form that is on our Contact Us page.

UN Approved Fibreboard Cartons

fibreboard cartonsOur UN approved fibreboard cartons come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and can be combined with different inner containers in order to ship substances across long distances. There are two main categories of fibreboard cartons, 4G cartons and 4GV cartons. The main differences between the two are as follows:

4G Cartons

4G cartons are highly specific forms of container which have to be used in conjunction with a specific, approved liner. They can be used to transport substances which are dangerous or highly sensitive and have to be selected with a great deal of care. The carton and the inner liner have to be tested together, and we can provide a list of approved containers if you’re uncertain about what you should be using. If you’ve already got an inner container but are uncertain if it will meet the conditions of the licence which you need then well test the container for you and provide a report, although additional charges may apply for this service. From the first contact, we’ll work with you to ensure you can ship your products with complete peace of mind.

4GV Cartons

4GV cartons can be used with inner packs and liners which don’t have to be tested, including packing in the form of vermiculite granules, which is used to keep the contents safe and secure during transit. The requirement of a 4G licence means that there are limits on the size and weight of any liner which you do opt to use, and once again we can work with you to make sure that the fibreboard carton you eventually use – plus the inner packing – meets all the necessary requirements. As with 4G cartons we can work with you to make sure that you make the right choices and purchase the right product for your business.

What needs to be made clear, however, is that the responsibility for ensuring you satisfy all of the relevant conditions for packing and shipping your goods ultimately rests with you. We can offer our experience and expertise – not to mention our range of fibreboard cartons – but you, as packer or shipper, will have to sign off on the choices made.

Our products range from boxes which measure 175x155x300 to boxes designed to hold a 5 litre jerrican and 4 2.5 litre oblong tins. We also stock fibre drums supplied with a lid which can hold as much as 115 litres. No matter what you need we’ll provide it for the best possible price and in line with your deadlines.       

We Provide All Types of Plastic Bottles Wholesale

Plastic Bottles WholesaleWhen it comes to supplying plastic bottles wholesale we offer a varied range of shapes, sizes, capacities and types. We’ll work with you to identify the ideal container amongst our range, and to make sure you receive them when you need them, for the best possible price.

Our plastic bottles come as either round or rectangular items and with a capacity ranging from 30ml to 5 litres. They are manufactured from either high density (HDPE) or low density (LDPE) polyethylene, and come with natural or white pigmentation as standard, although other colours can be supplied for individual customers. In addition to this, the provision of caps and closures including spray heads, pumps and tamper evident lids means that we provide plastic bottles wholesale for businesses and products of virtually every type.

The precise details of each plastic bottle ordered will vary depending upon the contents, the storage provision and the shipping needed. From 60 ml food approved plastic bottles with a 28mm neck all the way up to a litre bottle with a 31mm neck and beyond, you can find exactly the bottle you need amongst our stock. For some products, such as smoothies, fruit juice and dairy drinks, we provide clear plastic bottles perfect for showcasing the contents, and with a 38mm wide neck for consumer convenience.

From juice to table water to dangerous liquids like white spirits, our plastic bottles meet the requirements of all of our clients. They can also be printed to your own design, should you wish to customise bottles to aid with stock control and to align them with your wider branding.

Before you order plastic bottles wholesale please take a look at our website and you’re bound to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our range and quality is matched by our commitment to value, making Patrico the only choice for your plastic bottle provision.

Put Steel Containers on Your Christmas Shopping List

Here at Patrico we take great delight in providing people with exactly what they need. If the top of the range steel containers takes pride of place on your Christmas list this year, then look no further than Patrico to make your wishes come true.

Our range of steel containers is quite simply second to none. We appreciate the enormous number of industries for which the steel container is the storage and shipping method of choice and we stock and supply items which have been carefully chosen to meet the demands of our clients.

Our steel and tinplate tighthead steel drums are UN certified for the transportation of hazardous material and come in sizes ranging from 1 litre to 210 litres. We also offer a range of different closure methods, allowing our clients to select the one which is perfect for their needs. Whether you require a screw cap, spout or internal bung, we’ll make it happen and meet your order as and when you need it.

Our open head drums, on the other hand, start at 10 litres and range to 210 litres. Not all of them are UN certified for solids, but most are, and if it’s what you need then we can make it happen. The drums come with a removable head which is safely secured with a steel lever ring closure. All drums are available with either a plain or lacquered internal finish and a variety of colours externally so if colour coding, branding or appearance is important to your business, our steel containers will fit the bill perfectly.

If you take a look at our website we’re certain you’ll find exactly what you need, but if you don’t then please give us a call on 01684 299 212. We have an extensive and well-established supply chain, and we’ll do everything we can to source and supply exactly what you’re looking for. If you’ve dealt with us before you’ll know exactly how well we treat our customers, particularly at this special time of year. We wish all of our customers old and new a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and if you need a delivery before Christmas itself then please make sure you place your order with our shop by the 21st December. After we’ve taken a break to unwrap our own presents and tuck into some turkey with all the trimmings, normal Patrico service will be resumed on 2nd January next year.


Steel Containers

Source Your Tin Containers from Patrico

We like to think that people return to Patrico time and again because they know they can rely on certain things. The first of these is the sheer quality of the items which we provide. The second is the the incredibly high standard of customer service we offer. If you can’t find the item you need on our website then you can contact us and a member of our team will do everything possible to supply what you need. All of this applies to the range of tin containers stocked by Patrico.

As tin packing suppliers we realise that our clients need products in an extremely wide range of shapes and sizes. From 125ml round paint tins to a 30lt full aperture pail, we stock tin containers which can be used by businesses of every type.

Paint, adhesives, coatings, inks, pastes and granules can all be safely stored in these containers, which come in different colours for ease of identification and wider branding, and have interior surfaces which are either plain or lacquered. Tin plate is suitable for the storage of hazardous substances, and many of our tin containers are UN certified, so can be used to handle substances which are hazardous

Amongst the tin containers which we supply are the following:

Cone Top tins

These round tins have plain finishes and can be lacquered inside if need be. They come in sizes ranging from 125ml, through 250ml and 500ml to 1 litre. All of the tins come with metal screw caps as standard, although the 250ml, 500ml and 1litre sizes can come with poly-cone lined caps and, if requested, brushes can be attached to the plastic caps for dispensing the contents.

Lever Lid Tins

These are amongst the most versatile and varied tin containers. Ideal for storing paint or other liquid goods, the lever lid tins come in a range of sizes. 125ml, 250ml and 500ml down at the smaller end, giving way to 1 litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre sizes. The 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, and 5litre tins can be supplied with a plain or white external finish and a plain or lacquered internal finish. The 2.5 litre and 5 litre tins can be fitted with plastic handles and the 10 litre tin with a metal handle. If extra lid security is required, than all sizes of tin can be supplied with spring securing clips.

Other specialised items include; oblong cans fitted with lugs and ears which can be provided with a tamper proof seal, oblong tins which are UN approved can be supplied in a range of sizes with caps and seals or pull up spouts, and tapered pails which range from 1 litre to 30 litres and are equally suited for storing hazardous liquids.

Our wide range means we’re almost bound to have exactly what you’re looking for, and our commitment to customer service means we’ll supply it when and where you need it, for a price you’ll find hard to beat.  


Tin Containers  

UN Industrial Plastic Buckets That Get the Job Done

UN industrial plastic buckets Are you transporting large quantities of solids or liquids? Are you looking for containers that ensure the safety of your product? Our UN industrial plastic buckets are exactly the kind of containers that you’re looking for.

Heavy-duty plastic buckets of this kind need to offer security above all else. You need to know that once you’ve filled them up and fastened the lid, the contents are completely safe, and so are the people charged with moving the drums. Our customers often need to shift large quantities of dangerous, corrosive or valuable solids or liquids across thousands of miles over land, sea and air. In circumstances such as these, the containers used are as important as any other factor. Cut corners here, and you could be jeopardising not only your business, your stock and the people who work for you but also those responsible for the logistics of shifting your items.

The good news is that when you come to Patrico for your UN industrial plastic buckets you can save money without reducing the quality of the items you purchase. Our supply chain logistics and experience in the industry allows us to offer the best products at reasonable prices. It also means we can guarantee we’ll get the order you make to you on time, delivered to wherever you need it. It’s highly likely that the items you require are ready and waiting to be dispatched from our Gloucestershire warehouse, but even if they aren’t we can source and supply them with ease.      

Our UN industrial plastic buckets come in a range of sizes running from a relatively modest 3 litres to an impressive 30 litres. They all offer the peace of mind which comes from knowing they’re manufactured to UN-certified standards and can be supplied in either white or black. Press on matching lids complete the package and some of the smaller buckets can be supplied with a plastic handle fitted. For ease of use, certain sizes can also be ordered with lids which are fitted with spouts for pouring out the contents, and the variety is such that you’re bound to find the bucket which exactly meets your requirements.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website then call us and a member of our team will explain what else we have to offer. Customers need to know that the items they require are going to reach them in perfect condition having been transported safely, whether you’re working in the industrial, agricultural, or pharmaceutical industries, or indeed any business which relies on the safe transportation of product – we can guarantee this.

Looking for a Plastic Wide Neck Drum?

Plastic Wide Neck Drum

When you purchase a plastic wide neck drum from Patrico you’re purchasing a top quality product at a reasonable price, but you’re purchasing much more besides. You’re purchasing the peace of mind which comes from knowing that an item on our website is ready and waiting in our warehouse. If it’s not, then our supply chain logistics, built up over years in the business, mean we can guarantee we’ll get the plastic wide neck drum you need to the location where it’s needed on the day when it has to be there.

The drums in question are manufactured from food grade materials and are especially suitable for storing and transporting tablets powders and granules. As such, they’re ideal for use in the pharmaceutical or catering industries. They are designed with straight sides which make it easier to remove the contents, as well as screw on lids which offer security and make it simple to stack the plastic wide neck drums on top of each other. The stable stacking characteristics of the drums offer an extra layer of security when storing or transporting items in bulk, making Patrico the supplier of choice for anyone who wants to be certain that their items will arrive in perfect condition.

Our plastic wide neck drums come in a range of sizes, from 3.6 litres up to 64 litres. We can also supply in different colours, from standard white with a red screw down lid to all black or brown with a beige screw down lid. The variety of colours is useful as a quick visual guide to the contents of individual groups of containers, and it also allows businesses to purchase containers which tie in with the colour scheme of their wider branding.

All of the drums we stock are UN approved to group 1 for solids. This means that you can rely on them to keep your items safe, fresh and free from harm, as well as protecting those individuals who come into contact with the exterior of the drums.

If you take a look at our website there’s a very good chance you’ll find exactly the drums you’re looking for. If not, get in touch with us and we’ll use our existing supply chains to source what you need and get it to you. We pride ourselves on combining excellent products with superior customer service, and that’s why clients return to us time after time.

Patrico Can Supply the Jerrican You Need

Here at Patrico we like to keep things simple. Our clients know that if they want a jerrican, for example, they can easily check our website and make an order. Because we specialise in the industry and have spent years building up our supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, we’ll either have exactly the jerrican they need in stock, in bulk numbers, or will be able to get hold of it for them.

We’ll fill the jerrican order for the kind of price you’ll struggle to match anywhere else in the market, and we’ll deliver to the date specified, allowing the client to plan ahead and make commitments safe in the knowledge that we’ll play our part in helping them to successfully deliver.  When we describe this kind of excellence as keeping things simple we’re not pretending it’s easy to do. It takes a long time to get this good and a lot of effort to stay there, but the end result is that we make things extremely easy for our clients.

The versatility of the type of jerrican we stock is a case in point. Ranging in size from 1litre to 25 litres, our jerricans all come with moulded handles and, if they’re going to be used to store dangerous or sensitive substances, can be purchased with tamper evident screw necks. Other options include child proof or vented screw caps, and the fact that ever jerrican is manufactured from food approved HDPE (High-density polyethylene) means that they are tough, stable and versatile enough to be used in the broadest possible range of industries. A high resistance to chemical corrosion makes our jerrican suitable for the storage and transport of dangerous substances, as well as food and drink items.

Whether you wish to store detergents, fuel, cooking oil or solvent, we’ll have a jerrican which is perfect for your requirements. Businesses from catering through engineering to farming and beyond make daily use of the kind of jerrican we supply, reassured by the knowledge that it will help to keep vital stock and/or supplies in the best possible condition right up until the moment it has to be used. The fact that we supply jerricans in a range of colours – from natural and white all the way to blue and other colours which can be ordered individually depending upon the size of the order  – offers a two-fold advantage. In the first instance, colour coding of a jerrican will help in the storing of potentially dangerous substances, making it easier to control usage and prevent cross-contamination. The second advantage of the variety of colours is that it is possible to order a jerrican which complies with your wider corporate branding, allying practicality to a broader marketing effort.

If you have a specific jerrican requirement then please take a look at our website. There’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for and place an order immediately, with every jerrican you need ready and waiting to be dispatched immediately. If you can’t find the precise jerricans you need then contact us on 01684 299 212. A member of our team will be waiting to do everything they can to help you source the jerrican requirements your business has.