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If you’re in the business of supplying quality goods for sale then shipping those goods often lies at the heart of your logistical concerns. In some cases that may mean ensuring that fragile items are carried safely. Alternatively your business may involve hazardous goods being shipped in a manner which meets the licencing requirements involved, or shifting food items quickly enough to keep them fresh.

Here at Patrico we specialise in offering containers which meet all of these requirements and more. We combine excellent materials with a wide range of stock and all of this is handled via a website which makes finding what you need quick and easy. Our range of plastic milk bottles and plastic juice bottles is an excellent example of just what it is that we do so well. In the first instance, all of the products we provide are manufactured from food grade resins. This means that they meet very strict standards for the storage of food, set out in European Food Contact regulations and policed by international bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Not only does this mean that you can easily meet all necessary licensing, health and safety and shipping regulations, it also allows you to relax in the knowledge that the goods you supply will be reaching people in the best possible condition.

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Shipping hazardous material

If you’re in the business of shipping hazardous material then you know how vital it is that you meet the highest possible standards of safety and compliance. Working within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry means ensuring that the goods and substances you ship around the UK and beyond are transported as securely as possible. The people who work for you, the end users and those responsible for the actual shipping all deserve nothing less than absolute safety at each stage of the process.

Here at Patrico we specialise in making sure that happens. We realise that shipping hazardous material is a business just like any other, and that when you need specialised packaging you need to be able to order quickly from a large choice of stock. Keeping your goods moving from A to B is as vital to your business as producing those goods in the first place, and our website makes that simple to facilitate.

Every item of UN 4G packaging which we stock is manufactured to the standards demanded by the United Nations. UN Approved Packaging has to meet specific requirements as set out by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Although the details of these requirements can be fairly complex, the general principle is quite simple; the packaging has to be designed and manufactured in such a way that it will prevent the spread of the hazardous material in question in the event of an accident.

Our UN 4G Packaging is manufactured from heavy duty, hard-wearing fibreboard. Each individual item will have been rigorously tested and will have met the standards required in order to be fully compliant. In order to be granted the licence you need when shipping hazardous material, you’ll need a range of UN 4G packaging which is versatile enough to work with every inner container you have to use.   

As well as providing UN 4G packaging we also stock approved inner containers, making it simple for you to find the container which exactly matches the hazardous substance in question, and which was designed and manufactured to work safely with the packaging we provide. If you have an inner container but are not certain whether it meets all necessary stipulations we will be happy to test it for you and provide a report allowing you to use a 4G licence when shipping goods. Although a charge may be applied for this service, it will be a small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing that your business can keep moving and supplying goods whilst meeting all necessary UN regulations.

We’ve designed our website to make it easy for you to find exactly the UN 4G packaging you require, in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Our reserves of stock are such that the goods you need are waiting to be shipped as soon as you order, and if you can’t find exactly what you need online then please feel free to call us on 01684 299 212. A member of our team, all of whom have in-depth knowledge of the rules regarding UN 4G packaging, will work with you to ascertain exactly what you need, and then get it to you as quickly as possible.

Patricoshop is open

We are pleased to announce our new on-line ordering portal, www.patricoshop.co.uk is now open for business.

Patricoshop.co.uk has been launched in response to customer demand for a quick and easy way to buy smaller pack sizes of a selected range of popular Items.

We understand how annoying it can be to get to the basket to pay and be faced with punitive delivery charges and VAT, making the “bargain” prices not so attractive as they seemed. That is why we have set our pack quantities to minimise the delivery costs and we have adopted “the price you see is the price you pay” philosophy.

Our very popular range of round PET Juice bottles and the upmarket square PET Juice bottles can be purchased in convenient box quantities together with your choice of 6 different colours of 38mm caps to compliment your product.


Group juice Shot Bottle (9)

Plastic UN Buckets ROPAC®

Schoeller Allibert Swiss has been producing the ROPAC® range of  Plastic UN Buckets for over 40 years from their factory in Romont, Switzerland.

Patrico are proud to announce that we are the sole UK Strategic Re-sellers for the innovative ROPAC range of quality Plastic UN Buckets certified for hazardous liquids or solids, which offer unparalleled strength and protection for high-value products.

These robust Plastic UN Buckets are used extensively within the UV Inks, Lubricants and Chemical sectors but they are also suitable for certain food-related applications, which include Ingredients and Vitamins.

The UN for Solids range is available in a multitude of sizes from 3 to 32 litres and the UN for Liquids range is available in 5, 10 and 20 litres. Most versions have the ability to have a pull-up pouring Spout (Berg) for ease of emptying and are produced in UV Safe (Black) colours and have the reassurance of Tamper Evident features.

The UN for Liquids range, certified for hazardous liquids class Y and Z (Packing Group II and III) are capable of withstanding the demanding 100 kPa (1 bar) UN Pressure Test, which is no mean feat for a plastic, full open top container. Because of this, the 5 Litre Product received the Swiss-Star and World-Star Packaging Awards.

ROPAC® Pails are a good choice for demanding export applications, even non-UN, because they have high performance stacking, they are resistant to denting, don’t rust and are 100% recyclable.

Contact Patrico on sales@patrico.co.uk for further information.

Ropac Pails








Plastic Food Pots & Tubs

Our new range of high quality Plastic Food Pots are equally at home for both Food and Industrial applications.

Manufactured from Food grade co-polymers, the range is robust and fully recyclable.

The plastic tubs are manufactured on the latest, most energy efficient machines and are lightweight for cost efficiency but retain high tensile strength for durability.

All pots come with a tamper-evident snap-on lid which is resealable for repeated usage.

Our pots lend themselves to packing a diverse range of products from Soups, Sauces, Dips, Dried Fruit, Nuts and Confectionery to Screws, Nails, Powders, Granules, Fish Food and Equine products.

Available in 365ml, 600ml & 1180ml sizes, all pots are stocked in both White and Natural pigments with the 1180ml having the benefit of a carry handle.

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UN Tapered Pails & Drums

UN Tapered Pails & Drums

Tapered Pails, sometimes called American Pails, are used extensively for packaging Paints, Inks & Varnishes, Oils & Lubricants and a multitude of chemical products.
Patrico have been successfully stocking and distributing the Avez range of UN Tapered Pails and cylindrical Tighthead drums for over 15 years. With market leading UN certifications for the transportation of both hazardous Liquids and Solids and the quality of their internal lacquers – the Avez range from Patrico has every situation covered.

180mm Diameter Pails
• 2.5Ltr – 6.5Ltr capacity
• Internally plain or Lacquered finish
• UN for Liquids and Solids
• Ring Latch or pressure fit Lids

285mm Diameter Pails
• 9Ltr – 25Ltr capacity
• Internally plain or Lacquered finish
• UN for Liquids and Solids
• Multi Lug Crimp or Ring Latch Lids

305mm Diameter Pails
• 10Ltr – 30Ltr capacity
• Internally plain or Lacquered finish
• UN for Liquids and Solids
• Multi Lug Crimp or Ring Latch Lids

285 Pails

285mm Diameter Drums
• 15Ltr – 32Ltr capacity
• Internally plain or Lacquered finish
• UN for Liquids Steel Bung or pull-up spout fitments

285 Drums

Drums and pails are stocked in Blue, White, Gold and Plain Tinplate external finishes with the option of plain or lacquered internal coatings, dependent on the product being packed. High quality external printing is becoming a popular option for product branding and outstanding shelf appeal. For further information or samples please contact our sales team on 01684 299212 or email us at sales@patrico.co.uk

PET Bottles Facts

Patrico has a wide and varied range of PET Bottles, all available for immediate delivery from stock.

PET 28mm neck bottles ranging in size from 250 ml to 2 litres, suitable for water, carbonated soft drinks, still drinks and alcohol.
PET 38mm neck bottles from 250ml to 1 litre, suitable for juices (especially fresh pressed), juice drinks, dairy beverages and smoothies.
PET 43mm neck bottles with handles, in standard designs in 3 litre and 5 litre sizes, used for water, cordials, alcohol, edible oils and other food products.

Most single-serve plastic bottles, including those for water, soft drinks and juices, are made with PET. PET is globally recognized as a safe,
recyclable packaging material. Numerous tests have created a broad scientific consensus that PET is non-toxic and is a safe material for the storage of food and beverages.

PET plastic (also known as PETE or Polyethylene Terephalate and designated by a recyclable “1”) does not contain BPA.

Oxygen transmission is an important factor in ensuring product shelf-life and freshness. PET provides over 40 times more protection against oxygen transmission than HDPE.


Djikstra, the premier plastic bucket manufacturer, is pleased to announce an important addition to it’s expanding range of quality plastic buckets.

Designated the “Coatainer”, this exciting new concept for Paint and coatings offers many advantages over current packs and will be available in the popular 2.5ltr and 5ltr sizes.

Because the Coatainer is nestable it offers considerable savings in pallet utilization when empty, freeing up valuable storage space. The coatainer also features an easy-to-open lid design, robust plastic handle and  easy pouring characteristics.

Samples of the 2.5litre design are available from Patrico Ltd, the 5litre design will be available shortly.

For further information, please contact Patrico on 01684 299212 or sales@patrico.co.uk





Patrico is proud to be an official stockist of the AST range of premium quality, UN approved Plastic Jerricans used extensively in markets including Chemicals,Coatings, Food and Lubricants.

AST are the leading European manufacturer of approved HDPE Jerricans in sizes 5Ltr, 6Ltr, 10Ltr, 12.5Ltr, 20Ltr, 25Ltr and 30 Litre capacity, with production sites in Germany, Belgium and the UK.

With several “Euro Stacker” designs and the traditional UK 25 litre “Square Round” models, the AST range has options to suit most applications.
Patrico holds large stocks of AST containers available for immediate delivery in Natural, Blue and Black colours, from 5 litre capacity upward. The stackable Jerricans are offered with external screw caps (Tamper Evident, Venting & Heat Seal options) or Internal bungs (Venting option). Screw caps are also offered in a variety of colours to help your product stand out from the crowd.

Please contact the sales team at Patrico on 01684 299212 for more details.

PET Bottles and Jars

Healthy drink options such as fruit juices and dairy based drinks (smoothies) have become exceptionally popular in recent years, as we all become more conscious of what we drink. Patrico carries a very large range of quality PET bottles which, with their sparkling clarity and lightweight characteristics, are the ideal modern alternative to glass bottles. With sizes starting at 250ml capacity and with a variety of appealing shapes and complimentary coloured closures available for delivery from stock, we are sure we can help you promote your brand effectively.

Also included within the PET range are several styles and sizes designed for bottled water and Beer. Additionally, top-down squeezy Jars for Honey and Screw Top Jars for Jams, spreads and Preserves.

For Bulk packs we have 3Ltr & 5Ltr bottles which offer an elegant alternative to HDPE Jerricans and are suitable for Water, Cordials, Edible Oils and even powdered products.

PET Bottles Esterform